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AMS 2010 Living Legacies: Judi Bauerlein and All Montessori Teacher Educators

Judi Bauerlein

Amy Henderson, head of Montessori Children’s House in Fort Worth, TX, wrote the following tribute when Judi Bauerlein was named AMS Living Legacy for 2010.

Judi Bauerlein, AMS 2010 Living Legacy, is celebrating her reign concurrent with the 50th anniversary of the American Montessori Society. In this benchmark year, Judi has the honor of representing All Montessori Teacher Educators.

These teachers of teachers, a description often given of Dr. Maria Montessori herself, have the deep understanding of Montessori philosophy that has strengthened Montessori education and spread its influence throughout the world.

Beyond all of her descriptions of lessons, Dr. Montessori spoke passionately of the soul of a teacher, the importance of self-discovery, and the ultimate model of respect and love of learning that transforms a person to emerge as a guide for both children and adult students.

Judi Bauerlein is both a model example of teacher educators and an extraordinary Montessorian. Buoyed by optimism, her spirit of adventure and her determination have carried her through years of dedication to Montessori education educating children for 44 years.

One of the first Montessori teachers in a public school, she not only took on that challenge, but also mentored teachers along the way on her Montessori journey.

She has been involved in educating—and inspiring—teachers for the past 35 years through presenting at AMS conferences, AMS touring symposia, workshops, and consultations, as well as through her work at many AMS teacher education programs.

Judi has been a teacher educator at these programs in California:

  • College of Notre Dame in Belmont
  • Montessori Teacher Education Center/San Francisco Bay Area (and satellites)
  • National Center for Montessori Education Teacher Education in Glendale
  • Saint Mary’s College of Education in Moraga
  • Montessori Western Teacher Training Program in Garden Grove

She has also taught aspiring teachers in other parts of the United States:

  • Buffalo Montessori Teacher Education Program, Buffalo, NY
  • Institute of Advanced Montessori Studies, Silver Springs, MD
  • Iowa Montessori Training Center, Des Moines, IA
  • Mid-America Montessori Teacher’s Training Institute, Omaha, NE
  • Montessori Center of Jackson, Jackson, TN
  • Montessori Education Center of the Rockies, Boulder, CO
  • Montessori Teacher Education Center of the Northwest, Fort Wayne, IN
  • Princeton Center for Teacher Education, Princeton, NJ

Overseas, Judi has taught in Malaysia, Taiwan, Canada, Mexico, Shanghai, and Ukraine.

Wherever she goes, Judi has the unique gift of touching peoples’ hearts; the essence of Montessori teacher preparation.

Children, as well as adults, have benefitted from having Judi as a teacher; her work has brought her to classrooms in the following California schools:

  • Louisville High School, Woodland Hills
  • Glendale Montessori School, Glendale
  • North Shoreview Montessori School, San Mateo
  • San Geronimo/Lagunitas Public Montessori School, San Geronimo
  • Marin Horizon School, Mill Valley

An outspoken advocate for peace, Judi consistently models gratitude for all gifts, appreciation for diversity in people, and a belief in positive thinking. She is a visionary of a growing number of people who are helping to change our world, and has worked tirelessly to further public Montessori education and equality among children.

When AMS had a strategic planning session, Judi’s vision—which blossomed into reality—was to found a Public Policy Committee. The committee, on which Judi has served as both chair and (currently) outgoing chair, is a thriving body of AMS, with representatives in many states across the country.

Judi also oversees the work of the Ursula Thrush Peace Seed Committee (a subcommittee of the AMS Peace Committee). And, she has served as AMS Board president.

On a personal note, Judi’s husband, Mark, is a fellow teacher and adventure companion. Judi is the mother of 3 children, all of whom benefited from a Montessori education. She is the proud grandmother of 5 grandchildren, 3 of whom attended a Montessori school, and 2 of whom are being home schooled in Montessori until the family moves to an area with a Montessori program.

Renowned for her positive energy, honesty, and good humor, Judi Bauerlein will be honored as our 2010 Living Legacy, along with all Montessori Teacher Educators, at the AMS 2010 Annual Conference in Boston, MA.

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