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Lifetime Achievement Awards

The Lifetime Achievement Award was established in 2010 on the occasion of the American Montessori Society’s 50th anniversary. This special commendation is reserved for those who exemplify enduring commitment and extraordinary service to Montessori education and to AMS.

Some of our honorees began their Montessori careers before the advent of AMS itself. Others have traveled the world to bring quality education to learners and educators of all backgrounds and circumstances. Beyond their differences in biography, each has shown tremendous heart on behalf of the children whose lives are shaped by Montessori.

Lifetime Achievement Award Honorees

Bob Pickering Lifetime Achievement Award

Robert G. Pickering, PhD

A true Montessori pioneer, Robert G. Pickering carried the Montessori Movement to previously uncharted territory. Without his leadership in the public sector and worldwide influence, the American Montessori Society would not be where it is today.

Lakshimi Kripalani

Lakshmi Kripalani

With a career that spans some 70 years, Lakshmi Kripalani has been a devoted Montessorian for the better part of Montessori history.

Doug and Maria Gravel

Douglas M. Gravel and Maria Gravel

From the day AMS was founded, Douglas and Maria Gravel made sure it would flourish. Half a century later, Montessori educators worldwide find inspiration in the Montessori Movement the Gravels helped build in America.

Sister Christina Marie Trudeau

Sister Christina Marie Trudeau

As a young girl, Sister Christina Marie Trudeau knew that she would one day be a teacher. But she could hardly have imagined the impact she would make in bringing Montessori education to the world’s children.

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