New Video: "What Children Teach Us About Peace" with John Hunter

New Video: "What Children Teach Us About Peace" with John Hunter

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NEW YORK, New York, August 8, 2014—What can 8-year-olds do? “Solve world peace!” This, according to John Hunter, an elementary teacher from Virginia who is featured in a new video released by the American Montessori Society, “What Children Teach Us about Peace.”
For the past 30 years, Hunter has used a hands-on political simulation that he has invented—“the World Peace Game”— as a primary teaching tool, helping students to develop workable solutions to dilemmas inspired by real-world events.
His work is of particular relevance to the Montessori education community, which embraces peace and nonviolence as key underpinnings of the curriculum, and believes that exposing students to complex, real-life problem solving is a vitally important way to prepare them for the challenges and opportunities that await them as adults.
In the video, Hunter explains how “following the child”—another key concept of Montessori education—can lead to stunning new discoveries about compassion and collaboration; and why he believes that guiding children to be peaceful global citizens is not a utopian dream but an attainable goal.
The video runs 2:07 minutes and can be found on the Peace & Social Justice page of the American Montessori Society website &

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