A Letter from the Chair of the AMS Directorship Committee

For Immediate Release

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September 12, 2017

Dear AMS Members,

As we open the call for applications for the AMS 2018 Board of Directors Elections, I would like to share information about this year’s ballot. Specifically, I would like to explain why we are asking for applications for just 1 open seat. I would also like to encourage qualified, interested individuals to apply.

At our summer meeting, the AMS Board voted to reduce the size of our 2018 – 2019 Board from 18 members to 16. This decision came after careful analysis of the level of volunteer leadership and assistance we will need in the coming year, balanced against what would be most cost effective for us.

Our Board composition has a balance of Professional Directors and Board-Nominated Slate positions. To maintain that balance while implementing the decision to reduce the number of members, we eliminated 2 of the 4 seats that will be opening in those categories in the coming election cycle. Because 2 of our current Board members (one Professional Director and one Board-Nominated Slate Director) are term-limiting off the board in 2018, this was easily accomplished by simply not filling those positions in this cycle.

According to our by-laws, the current open position on the Board-Nominated Slate is reserved to represent the School Accreditation Commission (SAC) and is not part of this call for applications.

This leaves us with 1 open position for Professional Director, for which we are calling for applications.

Being a member of the AMS Board is a wonderful opportunity to serve in a leadership role in this amazing organization. Please consider whether you have the interest in applying to be a candidate for Professional Director in our 2018 election.

To qualify, you must be a current member of AMS who is, or has been, an AMS-credentialed teacher, a properly credentialed teacher educator employed by an AMS-affiliated teacher education program in good standing, or a properly credentialed school administrator in an AMS-member school.


Robyn Breiman
Chair, AMS Directorship Committee

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