AMS Relief for Schools Impacted by Hurricanes

For Immediate Release

Contact: Kristine N. Cooper, Director of Development
Phone: 212-358-1250 x311

American Montessori Society
116 East 16th Street, New York, NY 10003-2163

Updated September 22, 2017: The American Montessori Society’s Rebuild a School campaign will provide assistance to Montessori schools impacted by all of the recent hurricanes.

September 11, 2017

Hurricane Harvey and, more recently, Hurricane Irma, rank among the most powerful hurricanes ever recorded; Irma’s intensity unprecedented. In deference to the ferocity of these storms and the resulting devastation, the American Montessori Society has launched and will be helping to fund a “Rebuild Your School” campaign, for providing assistance to area Montessori schools that have been affected.

Please help by donating to Rebuild Your School. Contributions of any size will be deeply appreciated.

To help your contribution pack maximal punch, we have crafted a plan that will triple the value of each of your donation dollars—and here’s how:

  • Now through October 6, we will match all donations that we receive, dollar for dollar, up to a total of $10,000.
  • And, our partners at Nienhuis Montessori USA/Heutink USA will also match donations, now through September 30, up to a total of $10,000.

This means that every $10 you donate will become $30. Every $100 will become $300. And so forth.

Funds will be dispersed to qualified schools later this fall.

We are concerned about our schools and thank you for helping during this difficult time. We know that they will be deeply grateful to you, as well.

Your donation will be acknowledged in our FY18 Annual Report and on our website.

Impacted Schools
If your school has been impacted by Hurricane Harvey or Hurricane Irma and you would like to apply for funds from our Rebuild Your School campaign, contact Carla Hofland, AMS director of member services. And, if you bought materials from Nienhuis/Heutink that are now damaged or ruined as a result of the storm, the company can provide records of your previous invoices for the purpose of filing insurance claims. In addition, for orders of $500 and over, they will extend a 25% discount to you for replacement purchases. Contact Karen Kenison, managing director.

A Footnote
For those who would like to volunteer and/or provide other non-monetary services to affected Montessori schools, we direct you to Dr. Betsy Coe, who, along with the Houston Montessori Center and School of the Woods, is coordinating local efforts.

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