New Offerings from AMS-Affiliated Teacher Education Programs

For Immediate Release

Contact: Gina Taliaferro Lofquist, Chief Education & Learning Officer
Phone: 212-358-1250 x335

American Montessori Society
116 East 16th Street, New York, NY 10003-2163
March 1, 2017

Adult learners will soon have 2 new options for courses of study at teacher education programs affiliated by the American Montessori Society: an Elementary II credential and a Montessori Inclusion Endorsement. 

Elementary II Credential 

With an anticipated launch date of summer 2017, the Elementary II credential will focus on the unique development and experiences of children ages 9 – 12.

The standards require a minimum of 325 academic hours followed by a yearlong internship. An overview course is a prerequisite for adult learners who do not hold an AMS-recognized Early Childhood credential. AMS recognizes credentials issued by AMS, AMI, NCME, and MACTE-accredited programs. 

Teachers holding Elementary II credentials will be widely sought by heads of AMS-member schools—particularly heads of schools that are AMS-accredited or in the process of becoming AMS-accredited. For these schools, as well as for non-accredited schools that are AMS full members, lead teachers must hold a credential at the level taught. 

Montessori Inclusion Endorsement 

The AMS Montessori Inclusion Endorsement answers the call from Montessori-credentialed teachers who would like to hone their skills in developing and implementing an inclusive classroom practice that can robustly serve children with special needs, and in bringing their school communities to new depths of empathy, inclusivity, and diversity.  

The MIE course will have a minimum of 178 academic hours, either face- to- face or blended (online and face-to to-face). There will also be a 16-week practicum. 

Eligible candidates will be those teachers who hold AMS-recognized teaching credential, a BA (or higher), and 3 years of teaching experience in a Montessori classroom. AMS recognizes credentials issued by AMS, AMI, NCME, and MACTE-accredited programs. 

The anticipated launch date for the Montessori Inclusion Endorsement is early 2018.

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