Results of AMS Collaboration with Chinese Society of Education

Results of AMS Collaboration with Chinese Society of Education

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September 21, 2015. The American Montessori Society has been working with the Chinese Society of Education to help that organization develop standards for Montessori Early Childhood education in China. The CSE will unveil the standards at a conference that will take place November 7 – 8, 2015, at the Duoyuan Jinjiang Hotel in Qingdao, China. 

Carrying the theme “Montessori Education in China: Scientific, Localized, and Standardized,” the conference will be open to the public. Presentations will be in Mandarin, with simultaneous English interpretation. Registration (required) is available on the CSE website. (Those needing English-language support can contact Ms. Wong: Space is limited, so if you are interested in attending, we encourage you to register as soon as possible.

Representing AMS will be executive director, Richard Ungerer, and board president, Joyce Pickering. Several other members of the AMS work team will also attend.

Representing the CSE will be General Secretary, Yang Nianlu, and others. Additional eminent members of the Chinese education community will also be present. 

The conference will include an official “publication ceremony” for the release and promotion of the standards, which are being based on AMS’s own school accreditation processes and standards. It should be noted that the standards being developed are specifically for Chinese kindergartens—not for international schools.

There will also be presentations on the development, explanation, and future of the standards; the present and future of Montessori education in China; Montessori education from a theoretical perspective; and Montessori from an international perspective.

AMS has been working with the CSE on the standards project since April 2015, when AMS’s Richard Ungerer and the CSE’s Yang Nianlu signed a formal collaboration agreement, with a goal of aiding in the development and proliferation of excellent Montessori Early Childhood programs in China.

According to the CSE, expectations for Early Childhood education in that country were raised in 2013 during the Third Plenary Session of the 18th Communist Party of China (CPC), following the publication of related reports on education revolution and development, and preschool education.

Says AMS’s executive director, Richard Ungerer: “On the occasion of 100 years of Montessori in the United States—it was in 1915 that Maria Montessori traveled to America for the first time, and revealed her revolutionary method of education to a rapt audience via a "glass classroom" exhibit at the Pan-American World's Fair in San Francisco—we at AMS are thrilled and honored to be helping our colleagues in China develop culturally appropriate standards for Montessori Early Childhood programs in their country.” 

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