Advertising Now Available on American Montessori Society Website

Advertising Now Available on American Montessori Society Website

For Immediate Release

Contact: Michele Eldon, Director of Advertising
Phone: 917-690-0547

American Montessori Society
116 East 16th Street, New York, NY 10003-2163

Updated December 8, 2015. Originally published August 31, 2015. We are now offering advertising space on the most popular pages of our website. This is a cost-effective opportunity to connect with the thousands of visitors who, every month, actively seek out information on our website. To ensure high visibility, we are limiting the ads to 3 per page. They will be placed on a first-come, first-served basis. Advertisers can choose from these pages:

Annual Conference Schedule  SOLD OUT

The full program for our 2016 Annual Conference (March 10 – 13, Chicago) goes live in October and immediately results in high traffic—particularly to the schedule page. Place your ad now, and it will be viewed over 50,000 times before the conference is even over. Ads run from purchase date (as early as October 1) through March 31, 2016.

Find a School

Parents researching Montessori schools for their children find the searchable AMS Find-a-School tool to be an invaluable resource. Your ad will receive an estimated 85,000 views in a 3-month period.

Find a Teacher Education Program

Individuals pursuing Montessori training look to our searchable Find-a-TEP tool to locate programs in their areas of interest. Your ad will be seen by approximately 25,000 potential applicants in a 3-month period.

Employment Opportunities

Educators and administrators use our highly selective Find Employment search tool—it includes only AMS member organizations—when looking for positions in Montessori schools and teacher education programs. Place your ad here and reach approximately 70,000 educators in a 3-month period.

Montessori & Institutions of Higher Learning

Individuals interested in pursuing degrees/credits from colleges/universities, as well as a Montessori credential, visit this page for information about institutions of higher learning and AMS-affiliated teacher education programs that offer the combined opportunities they are looking for. To our knowledge, this is the only webpage of its kind. If your college or university is listed on this page, or if your teacher education program is AMS-affiliated, we invite you to place an ad here to reach an acutely targeted community of high-striving learners. Average visits to this page per year: 1,000.

Ad Materials

E-mail the following to Michele Eldon, director of advertising:

  1. Your advertising message. Maximum length: 140 characters
  2. Your logo sent as a .png file with a transparent background.
    Max width: 175 pixels
    Max height: 100 pixels
  3. URL of company website


Conference ad:
September 15 (for October 1 ad launch) SOLD OUT

Montessori & Institutions of Higher Learning ad:
December 15 (for January – December)

All other ads:
March 15 (for April – June)
June 15 (for July – September)
September 15 (for October – December, starting fall 2016)


Montessori Life advertisers will receive a 10% discount on any online advertising added to their current print advertising commitment. You do not need to advertise in Montessori Life to purchase web ads.

Conference Schedule: SOLD OUT
Avg. 55,000 visitors (October – March)

Find a School
Avg. 85,000 visitors (Quarterly, beginning January 1, 2016)

Find a TEP
Avg. 25,000 visitors (Quarterly, beginning January 1, 2016)

Employment Opportunities
Avg. 70,000 visitors (Quarterly, beginning January 1, 2016)

Montessori & Institutions of Higher Learning
Avg. 1,000 visitors (Yearly, beginning January 1, 2016)

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