Florida Approves AMS Montessori Curriculum

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Contact: Sara Wilson, AMS Senior Director of School Accreditation & School Improvement
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February 6, 2015. Through the efforts of the American Montessori Society, the Florida Office of Early Learning has approved a Montessori curriculum for the School Readiness Program.

As part of the process of achieving approval of the Montessori curriculum AMS staff completed an alignment of curriculum for the AMS Infant & Toddler and Early Childhood levels with the Florida Early Learning and Development Standards. The AMS Montessori curriculum that was submitted was not lesson-specific; rather, it was written broadly to show how the AMS Montessori pedagogy aligns with the Florida standards. It is important to note that the Montessori curriculum was approved for use with the stipulation that there be a Montessori-certified teacher per program. 

Schools in Florida that are currently receiving School Readiness Funding should reach out to the proper coalition to affirm that the school is utilizing the approved Montessori curriculum and to ask that the coalition amend their contract.

If your school is not yet participating in the Florida School Readiness Program and you are utilizing the AMS Montessori curriculum, you should familiarize yourself with the program to see if it is something in which you qualify to participate.

We are proud of this achievement and are happy to be able to offer this benefit to our Montessori schools in Florida.

For a complete list of all curricula approved for use in the Florida School Readiness Program, visit the Office of Early Learning website.

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