Nominations Sought for AMS Board of Directors

For Immediate Release

American Montessori Society
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Thursday, August 9, 2012. Now through September 14, 2012, AMS invites nominations for candidacy on our Board of Directors. The position openings are for Professional Director and Chair of the Teachers Section. Nominees selected by the Board* will run for election individually. Other nominees* selcted by the Board for additional openings will run for election as part of a single, Board-recommended slate.

Terms of office will start March 15, 2013. Both positions are for 3-year terms, not to exceed 2 consecutive terms.

* The AMS Directorship Committee, through interviews of nominees and their references, and with respect to the nominees’ characteristics, talents, abilities, knowledge, and experience, will approve select nominees to enter the election. The intent of the approval process is to ensure that the Board is representative of its constituents and able to work on the organization’s strategic goals.

Nominee Application Form

If you are interested in nominating yourself for the Board, please review and carefully consider all the information on this page before completing the Nominee Application Form. E-mail your completed form to the AMS Directorship Committee by September 14, 2012.

In a change from past procedure, all nominations must now come directly from the individual who would like to be considered for Board candidacy—thus, if you are interested in someone other than yourself being a nominee, please contact that person so that he or she can complete and submit the Nominee Application Form by the September 14, 2012 deadline.

Download the Nominee Application Form.

Why Serve on the AMS Board of Directors?

Serving on the AMS Board will give you the opportunity to contribute talent, expertise, and energy to support our Mission and be a vital link between our organization and the members that support and are served by it. You will play a critical role in helping us to view issues through multiple dimensions—legal, financial, and managerial, as well as from the perspectives of public relations, communications, and professional development—and assist with the all-important working knowledge of the substantive, programmatic work of our organization, including the realization of our Board-ratified strategic goals:

  • Goal 1: AMS will raise the public awareness and understanding of Montessori education.
  • Goal 2: AMS will be a leading advocate for quality Montessori schools.
  • Goal 3: AMS will define and promulgate standards and competencies for quality education of Montessori teachers and administrators.
  • Goal 4: Assist members in being career based life-long learners by supporting and providing professional development opportunities.
  • Goal 5: AMS will be an educational policy advocate for the Montessori community and the constituents we serve.
  • Goal 6: AMS will encourage, support and advocate for research contributing to the knowledge base of Montessori education.
  • Goal 7: AMS will expand its work with Montessori public schools (including charters and magnets) in the United States.
  • Goal 8: AMS will explore how to most effectively support Montessori education globally.
  • Goal 9: AMS will ensure that it has resources, practices, and policies that will allow it to continually grow as a significant voice for Montessori education. 

Board Director Eligibility & Requirements

There are requirements and responsibilities specific to the various positions on the board as well as general requirements that pertain to all AMS board directors. Below are general requirements of AMS Board directors, as well as specific requirements for professional members and chair of the Teachers Section.

General Requirements of AMS Board Directors

All AMS Board directors:

  1. Shall affirm acceptance, endorsement, and promulgation of AMS by-laws and policies.
  2. Shall actively work to carry out the mission and strategic goals of AMS.
  3. Shall understand and accept all aspects of confidentiality during and after appointment periods.
  4. Shall have the willingness and ability to devote the time necessary to support board activities; this includes spending a minimum of 5 – 9 hours a week on board activities; traveling to 3-day board meetings 3 times a year, attending the AMS annual conference (held before or after 1 of the board meetings); and reading and responding to entries on the AMS online message board system at least once a week throughout the year.
  5. Shall be willing to volunteer time to support AMS-related activities (e.g., serve on a task force and/or committee or workgroup; work with staff and other volunteers on an AMS-related projects)
  6. Shall not engage in activities that constitute a conflict of interest to board members. A board member shall be considered to have a conflict of interest in any vote or decision if there exists a possibility of personal gain as a result of such decisions.
  7. Shall agree not to represent self as a spokesperson of the board without the express authorization of the President.
  8. Shall attend all regular board meetings and teleconference meetings and come prepared to these meetings to actively participate in meeting discussions. (Currently there are 3, 3-day meetings, and it is suggested that 1 hour of preparation is required for each hour of actual meeting time)
  9. Shall have an understanding of the governance operations of a strategic planning and policymaking body.
  10. Shall have an understanding of the financial and fiduciary responsibility of the board to the Society membership.
  11. Shall be willing to participate by contributing to the AMS Annual Fund and/or other AMS fund-raising efforts.
  12. Shall present themselves as directors loyal to AMS, while serving on the AMS Board of Directors.

Additionally, it will be necessary to have access to a computer and the Internet, since much of the Board work is done electronically; and to be a good communicator, listener, and organizer.

Professional Directors

In addition to meeting the general requirements for all AMS Board members, nominees for professional director must be current members of AMS who are, or have been, an AMS-credentialed teacher, teacher educator, or school administrator in an AMS-member program.

Chair of the Teachers Section

In addition to meeting the general requirements for all AMS Board members, nominees for chair of the Teachers Section must be current members of AMS who are practicing teachers with 5 or more years of experience in the classroom of an AMS-member school, and thoughtful readers who reflect on teaching practices and keeps abreast of educational trends.

The chair of the Teachers Section will represent the needs and interests of AMS teachers to fellow board directors, and provide the AMS office with leadership and/or support on such endeavors as the Teachers ListServer, the Teachers Networking Group (at AMS conferences), the Teacher Education Scholarship Committee, and the Leadership Development Committee—among others.

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