Record Number of Volunteers Complete AMS School Accreditation Team Training

Record Number of Volunteers Complete AMS School Accreditation Team Training

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A record 58 volunteers completed the training for AMS school accreditation team members in the 2011 – 2012 school year. Their participation on accreditation teams, along with the participation of AMS staffers Marie Conti and Sara Wilson, was vital to the process that resulted in AMS accreditation for 21 schools. We extend our thanks and appreciation to each and every one.

Accreditation teams are vital to the work of AMS school accreditation. Members visit AMS schools to evaluate their programs according to a prescribed set of standards. Based on their reports, the AMS School Accreditation Commission makes recommendations for accreditation to the AMS Board of Directors. It is through the dedication of these professionals that AMS school accreditation continues to thrive.

For information about how you can share your skills and knowledge with schools interested in pursuing accreditation, contact Marcy Rice or sign up for the complimentary AMS School Accreditation Team Member Orientation Webinar on Thursday, September 20, 2012 (6:00 – 9:00 PM ET).

2012 School Accreditation Team Members

Alisa Anania
Kenna Armstrong
Susan Baccellieri
Rodney Berthold
Elaine Blasi
Eleni Bokas
MaryAnn Boyd-Woosley
Frank Brainard
Dave Carman
Penny Cichucki
Ann Clark
Marie Conti
Sharon Damore
Pamela Dunbar
Micah Earle
Rhea Egbert
Toni Friedman
Sky Harris
Carol Harshaw
Kathleen Heckert
Christine Hoffman
Marilyn Horan
Brenda Huth
Sandra Hyrekewicz
Elizabeth Irwin
Yayoi Kobayoshi
Cheryl LaCost
Erica Lane
Deborah LaPorte
Tami Levandowski
Kathy Lindaman
Sheila Linville
Mary MacIntosh
Cassi Mackey-Chenen
Biff Maier
Kristen Mark
Judy Martell
Linda Martin
Beverley McGhee
Joyce McGhee
Amelia McTamaney
Angie Meadows
Brenda Mizel
Vandana Monteiro
Helen Mufoletto
Muriel Owens
Robin Padar
Peter Piche
Veena Rao
Bob Reveri
Brette Rothfield
Katelyn Ryan
Terrie Sampson
Marsha Stencel
Melanie Thiese
Martha Torrence
Amy Wagner
Cindy Weiher
Sara Wilson
Linda Zankowsky

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