CAPE December 2011 Meeting Highlights "ESEA"


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January 4, 2012

Catherine Maresca, a member of the AMS Public Policy Committee, attends the monthly meetings of the Council for American Private Education in Washington, DC. We thank her for filing this report with us:

At the December 19 meeting of the Council for American Private Education, attendees discussed the ongoing push to revise the Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA), also known as “No Child Left Behind.” As legislation to overhaul ESEA is debated, CAPE staffers and allied groups continue to advocate that it include equitable access to Department of Education funding for private-school students.

This effort will be a starting point for the coming year. However, CAPE director Joe McTighe reported that he was told in a private meeting that provisions for private-school students are unlikely to be part of the final legislation, despite our focused lobbying.

Nonetheless, CAPE’s position remains firm that if private-school students are counted and help a state to generate ESEA funds, those funds should be available to them. In the states, lobbying on the issue continues while Congress is home for the month of January.

So far, eleven states have applied for waivers from the ESEA 2014 deadline for all children to be working on grade level. As the Department of Education grants these waivers, money is freed up that private school principles may have access to, after they consult with their local education agencies.

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