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School Accreditation Commission

With the goal of advancing excellence in Montessori education, the School Accreditation Commission oversees and supports the process of AMS accreditation.

The commission’s responsibilities include—

  • serving on accreditation visiting teams;
  • reviewing accreditation team visit reports to determine school compliance with AMS standards;
  • recommending schools to the AMS Board of Directors for accreditation.

In addition, commission members periodically review AMS school standards and accreditation policies and procedures, and recommend needed changes to the AMS Board.

The commission is comprised of 7 to 11 current or former school heads and/or teachers from AMS-accredited schools, plus the AMS Director of School Accreditation & School Improvement. Commissioners serve a 3-year term.

Prospective commissioners may be nominated by any AMS member through the Commission’s Nominating Committee. A slate of recommended nominees is sent to the Board of Directors for approval.

Commission Members

Frank Brainard, Chair
Elaine Blasi
Pam Dunbar
Eric Dustman
E. McCrae Harrison
Brenda Huth
Josh Oboler
Peter Piché
Mickey Slamkowski
Sara Wilson, Ex Officio, AMS Director of School Accreditation & School Improvement

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