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Professional Directors

There are 2 open positions on the AMS 2012 Board in the category of Professional Director. Both positions are for 3-year terms.

The last day to vote is Friday, January 6.

Voting Rules

All individual and organizational members of AMS (except Initiate schools) are eligible to vote for Professional Directors. Votes are allocated according to the following criteria:

  • Individual members (heads of schools, teachers, adult learners, and general members) may cast 1 vote for each open position. This year, since there are 2 open positions, individual members have a total of 2 votes.
  • Accredited, Full, and Associate member schools located within the United States are allocated votes based on enrollment. For every 100 students (or portion thereof), each school receives 1 vote per open position. Satellites of eligible schools do not vote, directly. Satellite enrollments are combined with the enrollments of their main site schools, and all votes are cast by main site schools.
  • Accredited, Full, and Associate international member schools: Schools located outside the Unites States receive 1 vote per open position. This year, international schools may cast a total of 2 votes.
  • Teacher education programs are allocated 1 vote, per open position, for each affiliated level. Allocation of votes is the same for programs located within or outside the United States.
  • Initiate member schools do not vote.

Members may cast all their votes for a single candidate, or distribute their votes among multiple candidates. Votes must be cast as whole numbers; fractions or percents may not be used.


Read about the Professional Director candidates, their qualifications, and board service priorities before voting.

Julie Bragdon
Denver, CO

Julie BragdonAssistant Head of School, Montessori School of Denver
MEd, Montessori Education
AMS-Credentialed (Early Childhood)

“I have lived Montessori from a variety of perspectives, as a student myself, intern, teacher, parent, teacher educator, administrator, and accreditation consultant. I have garnered the breadth of experience that comes from working at a small for-profit school and as a leader in a large non-profit school, governed by a board of trustees. I have been involved in strategic thinking and can offer AMS the broad view necessary for shaping the future path of accredited and member schools. I can help in tactical ways, such as the development of professional opportunities for teachers during all phases of their career, or in strategic ways, such as helping to increase the dialogue for the common good between AMS and other educational and public policy bodies. I ‘think well with others’ and will bring my skills as a collaborator, innovator, problem-solver, big picture thinker, and educator to my work on the AMS Board.”


Robyn Breiman
Cincinnati, OH

Robyn BreimanElementary Coordinator, Center for Montessori Teacher Education/New York
MEd, Montessori Education
AMS-Credentialed (Early Childhood, Elementary I&II)

“After 25 years as a classroom teacher and head of school, I've spent the past ten years as a teacher educator and consultant. In my visits to hundreds of schools throughout the country, I've developed a deep understanding of the challenges faced by teachers today: how to balance the demands made by external assessment entities with a commitment to create an authentic Montessori classroom. I'm seeking this position to be an advocate for our members who look to AMS for guidance in navigating these difficult waters. With more and more states adopting the national Common Core Standards, I’d like to work with others on aligning those standards to Montessori curriculum sequences, which have the breadth, depth, and integrity to provide meaningful, connected, cosmic learning experiences for all students. I want to urge that Montessori principles, practices, and sequences continue to be the drivers for what happens in Montessori schools.”


Kevin Clark
Duxbury, MA

Kevin ClarkHead of School, Bay Farm Montessori Academy, 
Duxbury, MA
MA, Teaching (ESL)

“AMS has set goals, and my background prepares me to focus on three of them: 1) To raise awareness of AMS internationally: Having spent eight years overseas, as a Peace Corps volunteer, graduate student, and teacher, I have an understanding of myriad cultures and education systems including those of Pakistan, Namibia, Egypt, and Germany. 2) To affect education policy: Studying Law, Policy, and Society, I learned much about policy-making and its effects, both intended and unintended. 3) To support charter Montessori schools: Being a parent of three Montessori children and a lead administrator in three Montessori schools has taught me that the world becomes a better place with the founding of every additional, quality Montessori school. The struggle to establish affordable quality Montessori schools through the charter school movement deserves support. Ultimately, my motivation for serving on the AMS Board is to support an organization that positively impacts the world.”


Marilyn Horan
Fort Wayne, IN

Marilyn HoranPrincipal, Bunche Montessori Early Childhood Center
MS, Vocational Home Economics
MS, Learning Disabilities
MS, Educational Leadership (Elementary Administration)
AMS-Credentialed (Administrator)

“I am honored to be considered for a leadership position in AMS. It is my hope that this position will enable me to promote high-quality Montessori education for all children. I am entering my fifth year as the principal at Bunche Montessori Early Childhood Center, the first public Montessori school to be accredited by AMS. I believe by taking a leadership role in the AMS organization I can share firsthand experiences of how excellent Montessori instruction can be provided to all children whether they choose a private or public setting. Continuous professional development that includes Montessori philosophy and methodology, current best practices in education, and educational research are vital to being able to provide high-quality Montessori education. I believe I can help AMS further design professional development opportunities and guidelines that will strengthen our Montessori professional community. I can be a voice for all children.”


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