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Hours of Continuing Professional Development

As lifelong learners, Montessori teachers are continually seeking new opportunities to enrich their practice and keep current with developments in the field. Attending AMS-approved events can earn them AMS hours of continuing professional development (CPDs)—and eventually, an AMS Certificate of Continuing Professional Development. The certificate validates that a specified number of professional development hours has been reached. These hours can also be applied towards the AMS professional development requirement and state requirements for continuing professional development hours.

Event Organizers

You do not need to have your event pre-approved in order for it to qualify for CPDs; however, pre-approval will be your assurance that your event meets our criteria. To have your event pre-approved, fill out the Request for AMS Continuing Professional Development Hours Form and submit it to Leah Zak, conference coordinator. If you would like your event listed on our website, follow the directions on the Local Professional Development Events page.

Event Attendees

You are eligible to receive an AMS Certificate of Continuing Professional Development if you meet all the following requirements:

  • Are a current AMS member
  • Have a minimum of 120 hours of attendance at AMS events or other AMS-approved workshops or conferences
  • Hold a Montessori credential from an AMS-affiliated or other MACTE-accredited teacher education program (or a recognized Montessori credential earned before 1992)
  • Have completed 3 years of teaching in a Montessori classroom after your practicum

To apply for the certificate, send documentation verifying 120 contact hours; a copy of your credential from a teacher education program as specified above; proof of your teaching experience; and your current AMS login ID number to: American Montessori Society, 116 E. 16th Street, New York, NY 10003, Attention: Continuing Professional Development.

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