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These high-quality, full-color publications, produced by the American Montessori Society, are packed with useful information about Montessori education at various age levels, and are the perfect take-aways for parents on your open house nights.

Innovative Montessori

Montessori: Innovative, Bold, Empowering, Essential!

This introductory brochure presents parents with such "Montessori basics" as the whole-child approach, the prepared environment, specially designed learning materials, and the teacher as role model and guide.

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Early Childhood

Montessori: The Early Childhood Years

Focusing on the development of the child in these formative years, this brochure explains to parents how a Montessori education fosters competent, responsible, and creative students with a lifelong love of learning.

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Elementary Years

Montessori: The Elementary School Years

This brochure prepares parents for what to expect from a Montessori Elementary program, laying out the transition from concrete to abstract reasoning, the increased drive to explore social environments, and more.

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Kindergarten Cover

The Kindergarten Experience

Why is a third year of Montessori preferable to traditional school? It's a common question our early childhood programs face. This brochure helps dispel the belief that parents must transition their children away from Montessori at age 5.

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Your Child Is in an Accredited School - A free brochure for AMS-accredited schools

What differentiates an AMS-accredited school from other Montessori school? Help parents understand that not all Montessori schools have proven to meet the rigorous standards set forth by the American Montessori Society, and that by doing so, your school offers a higher quality of education for their child. AMS-accredited schools: for a copy of this brochure, available as a free, high-resolution download, contact Sara Wilson, school accreditation director.

Learning How to Learn

by Dr. Nancy McCormick Rambusch

Giving dramatic momentum to the Montessori Movement in the United States when it was first published in 1962, Learning How to Learn is a clear and compelling examination of Maria Montessori's approach to education. The author is Nancy McCormick Rambusch—a founder of the American Montessori Society

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Survey Reports


If you are responsible for determining your school’s tuition, you will want to consult this report to make sure you are obtaining the revenue from tuition and fees that you can reasonably expect.

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Are the teachers in your school fairly compensated? How does your benefits package compare to those of other Montessori schools? The results of this biennial survey will surely assist you in answering these questions.

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Montessori Bibliography

The North American Montessori Teacher’s Association (NAMTA) and AMS are working together to make NAMTA’s extensive online bibliography available to AMS members at a significant discount—$12 for a 1-year subscription, reduced from the usual $20. You may subscribe when you sign up for or renew your AMS individual membership with our downloadable membership form. If you have already joined or renewed, but would still like to subscribe, you may use this form.

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