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Montessori elementary school student

“Montessori gives you a head start because it teaches you with the senses first and then you learn things the mental way. I believe my Montessori education will give me better opportunities in middle and high school and college.”

Kin started Montessori school at age 20 months. Now finishing 6th grade—the highest level in his school—he feels comfortable transitioning to a new environment, even though it won’t be Montessori.

He is confident he can succeed in a traditional middle school. He has already completed level 4 algebra. He does science experiments. He understands grammar. He wrote a history report that was so long his teacher asked him to shorten it. Outside of school, he plays soccer and classical piano.

Kin is looking forward to trying many new things in 7th grade, including organized sports. He plans to try out for football. And perhaps basketball.

Photo: Courtesy Bret Williamson

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