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Gabriela Martinez

Gabriela Martinez

Montessori infant teacher

“When I discovered the Montessori philosophy, I fell in love with it. I teach infants aged 3 months to 18 months.

“As a professional Montessori educator, I find the respect the adult has for the child especially appealing. We educators have to learn to be sensitive to the child's needs. I also like that the Montessori classroom is a quiet, home-like environment that allows infants the freedom of movement they need for independent exploration. The most important principle in Montessori is to always follow the child.

“I have been in the field for 10 years, yet every day I learn something new from my students! One of the things I have learned is that children in this age group don't stop exploring their environment. Once they trust the adult, they are eager to discover new things.

“I have been surprised that very young children are able to concentrate on a task, and when the task is done, to put it back and get another one without asking for adult help. It also surprises me to see how much children like repetition, and how they respect living things and nature.

“I love the Montessori philosophy. It has helped me to be a better teacher and mother.”

Photo: Courtesy Tres Roemer

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