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Eve Frederick

Eve Frederick

Montessori toddler teacher

“I came into Montessori unknowingly, but I fell in love instantly. After working for several years in a Montessori classroom as an assistant teacher, I was very intrigued by the curriculum and mission and was delighted to be invited to enter a teacher education program and earn the credential to become a Montessori teacher.”

Eve has now been an educator for 10 years and teaches older toddlers. “Montessori appreciates children’s independence in the classroom and gives each child the freedom to work at his or her own pace. Throughout my years of teaching, I have learned to never doubt a child’s ability because the child will always surprise you.

“I once had a student who was very shy and quiet and rarely spoke more than a few words. Then one day, almost overnight, the student began showing initiative in the classroom and became more talkative. I was amazed to see the child open like a flower before me.

“I wish I had completed Montessori teacher education before I had kids of my own so I could have used that knowledge in my own home. Becoming a Montessorian has not only given me a better understanding of children, but has helped transform me into a whole new person with a different outlook.”

Photo: Courtesy Tres Roemer

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