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American Montessori Society webcasts are now available for you to rent and view on-demand. Each webcast provides valuable information for your classroom, home, or program—and can earn you hours of continuing professional development (CPDs) that qualify for the AMS professional development requirement. Viewable anytime, from anywhere, AMS webcasts let you fit professional development into your schedule at the time that works best for you.

$55 individual (CPD certificate for 1 person)
$200 group (CPD certificates for up to 20 persons)
All webcast rentals are valid for 30 days.

Currently Available

For the Classroom

“Building a Simple Yet Rich Birth to 3 Environment Indoors, Outdoors, and at Home”

Presenters: Eva Parucci & M. Loreto Wille
For: Teachers, parents, and teacher educators of infants and toddlers
This webinar will show you how to create a well-prepared Montessori environment with children’s stages of development in mind, whether at school or at home. The presentation will cover exceptional indoor environments providing space for movement, exploration, and the use of materials, as well as exemplary outdoor environments where children can explore, discover, and interact with nature.

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“Children’s House Extension for Geography and Science”
Shanna Honan and Tricia Smith
Early childhood teachers, administrators, and teacher educators
Have you ever wondered how to extend work with the puzzle maps and the botany cabinet? This webinar will look at basic presentation in geography and science and explore ways to think beyond ordinary extensions. You’ll leave with fresh ideas and activities to help children move from concrete to abstract in geography and science.

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“Children’s ‘Misbehavior’−and How to Respond Effectively”
Presenter: Yvonne Nass
For: Everybody!
This webinar will help you recognize common goals of misbehavior and explore non-punitive techniques for redirecting that behavior so that children can react to their experiences, and ask for what they need, in ways that are positive, appropriate, and self-empowering.

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“Healthy Classrooms”
Presenter: Angie Meadows
For: Teachers and administrators of children ages 2.5 – 12
This webinar will introduce participants to the Healthy Classroom Checklist− addressing social interactions, work choices, independence, and classroom management techniques. You’ll come away with an understanding of how you can create a healthy classroom checklist of your own.

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“Helping Children Experience the Joy and Wonder of Summer”
Presenter: Mariah Bruehl
For: Educators and parents of children ages 2.5 – 9
Most children love the freedom that summer provides but we can sometimes feel overwhelmed with keeping them occupied, engaged, and happy. Are you ready for the challenge? Join Mariah as she shares her philosophy, ideas, and activities. You will walk away with enticing activities for your children, from backyard and urban adventures, photography explorations, natural crafts, writing investigations, and more to keep everyone happy all summer long!

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“Language Development, Neuroscience, & Montessori”
Julia Volkman
For: Teachers of children who are infants – age 12

How can we use the teachings of neuroscience to bring language alive and inspire children to choose language work in our Montessori classrooms? How can we guide children to independent language expression and creativity? Join us for a brain-based look at the meeting point of current research and Montessori pedagogy.

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“Let’s Make Music!”
Presenter: Frank Leto
For: Parents and teachers of children ages 2.5 – 6
Be prepared to tap your feet and sway to the beat as Frank Leto, one of Montessori’s favorite musicians, demonstrates the many benefits of music education in the classroom or home− from enhancing language and spatial intelligence to promoting teamwork, craftsmanship, relaxation, creative thinking, and more.

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“Lighting a Child’s Inborn Sense of Wonder: Mobilizing Your School to Bring Nature Back to Children”
Presenter: Geoffrey Bishop
For: Teachers of children ages 2.5 – 8
This webinar presents strategies for reconnecting children to nature. You’ll experience activities and curriculum ideas that engage students with the natural world through art, creative writing, science observation, and alternatives to traditional play concepts, all using available natural space.

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“Montessori & Autism”
Presenter: Michelle Lane-Barmapov
For: Teachers and parents of children of all ages
This webinar will introduce teachers and parents to ways of effectively working with children on the autism spectrum by blending the Montessori approach with ABA (Applied Behavior Analysis). You will come away with strategies to put to use immediately both in school and at home. No pre-knowledge of ABA is required.

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“Nurturing Nature Inside and Outside the Early Childhood Classroom”
Presenter: Amanda Sanderson
For: Early childhood teachers, heads of schools, and teacher educators
This webinar will offer practical ways to help children connect to nature using botany and zoology materials that emphasize your local plants and animals. You’ll learn techniques for fostering a relationship with the natural world both indoors and outdoors through weekly nature lessons focused on developing observation skills.

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“Positive Discipline”
Presenter: Arthur (Chip) E. DeLorenzo
For: Early Childhood and Elementary teachers, school administrators, and teacher educators
As Montessori educators, you are already committed to disciplining your students without threats, bribes, or yelling. But even those of us with the best of intentions may find that our tactics sometimes disappoint. In this webinar, Chip DeLorenzo will present strategies for taking your skills to new, Montessori-friendly depths through the use of Positive Discipline, which teaches that for discipline to be effective, it must—among other things—be kind, firm, and respectful; and invite children to discover how capable they are. He will also provide you with tools to better understand the social and emotional development of children and the motivations behind misbehavior, which are key to the efficacy of the approach.

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“A Shared Humanity: Geography Lessons That Go Beyond Borders”

Presenter: Angie Meadows
For: Early Childhood & Lower Elementary teachers
Focusing on the concept of the Blue Marble, that there are no borders visible from outer space, this webinar provide a plethora of resources to help you enhance your early childhood geography lessons. Angie Meadows will cover topics, materials, and resources related to physical geography—including landforms and globes—as well as ways to enrich students’ understanding of the world through cultural geography, 
sharing a variety of traditions from around the world.

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"Starting Off the School Year for Reading Success"
Linda Zankowsky, EdD
For: Elementary teachers and teacher educators

Following the child to reading independence requires thoughtful planning and consideration as Montessori teachers enter the new school year. Drawing from her work on classroom-based assessment in Montessori schools, Linda will provide an overview of developmental benchmarks in reading and specific ways that Montessori teachers can learn about children in relation to those benchmarks in the first 6 weeks of school. Using this information, you will be better prepared to ensure that your classroom environments and activities support each child’s growth as a reader.

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“Using Cosmic Education to Teach Peace & Social Justice” 
Presenter: Michael Duffy 
For: Teachers of children of all ages
By emphasizing our common origins with other humans, other living species, and with Earth and the universe itself, the Montessori Cosmic Education curriculum calls upon each person to help make the world more peaceful, socially just, and respectful of nature. This workshop will explore practical ways to make this understanding a part of the classroom at every level, so that teachers and students alike will increase consciousness and awareness of our personal cosmic task.

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“Using Gardening and Art to Preserve Wonder and Weave Learning Across Montessori Curricula”
Presenter: Kelly Johnson
For: Teachers of Early Childhood & Elementary students
Learn how gardening preserves the delicate childhood sense of wonder. This webinar will explore how to keep gardening journals, while integrating art and poetry into gardening to enhance class focus, promote nature connection, and assess learning across curricula. We will also address challenges within school garden programs and brainstorm ways to enhance student, teacher, and administrative support for gardening.

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Administration & Professional Development

“Connections Matter: Skills for Creating, Strengthening, & Maintaining Meaningful Interpersonal Connections”
Presenter: Candace Proctor
For: Everybody 
This webinar will outline Dr. Edward Hallowell’s research on the importance of interpersonal connection, which he believes is vital to joy and personal satisfaction. Learn techniques to help you and your students initiate, maintain, and strengthen connections in all areas of your lives.

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“School Accreditation 101”
Presenter: Sara Wilson
For: Administrators
If you are contemplating AMS accreditation for your Montessori school, or if you are just beginning the process, participation in AMS’s School Accreditation 101 will provide you with vital information about protocol, goals, and more.

This webcast is free if you have purchased the School Accreditation Information Packet. If you have questions, or would like to purchase the information packet, contact Marcy Rice, school accreditation coordinator. Otherwise, click on the appropriate rental link below.

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“Technology for the Digital Immigrant”
Presenter: Michelle D’Antonio
For: Teachers & school administrators
This webinar will focus on cross-platform computer programs that can be used to improve school administration and classroom management. Focusing on Dropbox and Google forms, participants will learn how to set up shared folders and access them across devices. The presentation will also address best practices for sharing documents with your school’s many communities.

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Certificates of Continuing Professional Development

Each webcast rental qualifies the viewer for a CPD certificate of attendance, and earns the renter or renting group 1.5 hours of AMS continuing professional development. Individual renters receive 1 CPD. Groups can receive up to 20. All CPD requests must be made within the 30-day rental period. To receive your CPD(s), send an e-mail to within the 30-day rental period. Include the name(s) of the viewer(s), the title of the webcast, the date of rental and confirmation number from Vimeo. A completed CPD will be emailed back to you within 2 business days.

Using Vimeo On Demand

Renters will be required to create a Vimeo account to rent and view a webcast. Rented webcasts will be added to the “My Library” section of your Vimeo account. Click “Rent” on a webcast page and follow the prompts to login or create an account. This login information will be required to re-watch a webcast during the rental period. Issues with Vimeo, including video playback, should be directed to Vimeo's Help Center.

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