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Montessorians Helping Montessorians in Need

"All things are part of the universe, and are connected with each other to form one whole unity."

– Maria Montessori

If you know of a Montessori staff member, family, school, or teacher education program in need of assistance because of a natural disaster or other misfortune, we invite you to post that information here. If you or your organization can provide assistance or are aware of other useful resources, we encourage you to post that information here as well.

Please be as specific and detailed as possible. Your name and full contact information are required so that anyone wishing to respond can get in touch with you directly. Allow up to 3 business days for your posting to appear.

AMS is not acting as intermediary between interested parties and we assume no responsibility for any arrangements made by those who post messages and those who respond to them. Inclusion of information about relief organizations does not imply AMS endorsement.

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Hello from New Jersey. Thank you for the outpouring of concern and offers to help. On Wednesday we held our New Jersey Heads of School meeting and everyone who attended was very thankful. The devastation is such that schools will need time to assess their needs, most likely the faculty and staff have to get their personal lives in order again. There is a Montessori way you can help with with this. Go to Occupy Sandy and click on wedding registry. (started by former Montessori student, Jeff Bazos) is offering needed items at much reduced prices and the items go straight to the people in need. Help as much as you can. You can find many ways to volunteer on this site as well. Again thank you for your concern.

Ann Wilson

11/16/2012 - Princeton, NJ

It is so heartwarming to read about your generous offers to help those affected by Hurricane Sandy. If you are interested in helping the affected communities, there are many needs that exist. The following organizations have been mentioned to the AMS office; an Internet search will turn up additional suggestions for who/what/and how to help. American Red Cross: Tel: (800)733-2767 or Text the word, “Redcross” 90999 and a $10 donation will go towards food, shelter, and emotional support for victims. Red Cross NJ Southern Shore:(609)646-8330 Salvation Army: (888)363-2769 AmeriCares: AmeriCares gets medical supplies to people affected by the storm. Feeding America: This organization usually assists low-income Americans but has now stepped up their efforts to help the relief effort. They supply emergency food, water and other supplies to those in need at this time. (800)910-5524 Save the Children: This organization offers emergency support to children. Samaritan’s Purse: This organization is sending out a call for volunteers to help with debris clean up. American Humane Association: This organization is helping animals that may need rescue or shelter. Text the word HUMANE to 80888 to donate $10 Phone: (866)242-1877 COMMUNITY FOOD BANK OF NEW JERSEY
: The Community Foodbank of NJ coordinates efforts with the state's Office of Emergency Management, as well as with state and local nonprofit organizations. Phone:(908)355-FOOD(3663), ext. 243 New York Cares:
 New York Cares is "the city's largest volunteer organization, running volunteer programs for 1,300 nonprofits, city agencies and public schools." It is recruiting volunteers to help with Sandy relief efforts, and is also raising money. (212)228-5000

Sara Wilson, AMS Director of School Accreditation

11/16/2012 - New York, NY

Hi, I am a Montessori teacher at the Elizabeth Seton Montessori School. We are a 3-6 preschool program and are located just outside of Pittsburgh. Although hurricane Sandy hit this area we were not effected in any significant way. However, in discussing it with our students they felt compelled to want to help those families whose lives were directly devasted by the hurricane. We would love to connect with a family from Montessori school whose in need or a school itself. Please let us know how we can help.

Jolene Naugle

11/12/2012 - Greensburg, PA

One of the American Montessori Society's member schools, the Montessori School of Long Beach, was devastated by the storm surge that occurred as part of Superstorm Sandy. We have learned that unfortunately this school will not be reopening. Thank you for all of your support; I know that the head of this school and her staff have appreciated your kind words. The AMS staff are not aware of any other Montessori school that was seriously affected by the storm.

Carla Hofland, AMS Director of Member Services

11/12/2012 - New York, NY

Resources for teachers in Greater Cincinnati, OH area for contributing to Hurricane Sandy relief efforts: Matthew 25: Ministries is an international non-profit based in Cincinnati, OH, that specializes in providing relief and aid around the world. They have pre-established connections and methods of getting donations directly into the hands of those most in need. They also operate with very little overhead. Additionally, they have an enormous wharehouse located in Northern Cincinnati. It would be a great site for a field trip, or even service project with some of our older Montessori students. Matthew 25: Ministries’ is currently requesting the following items to help Hurricane Sandy victims: Monetary Donations: Cash donaor check. Checks should be written to “Matthew 25:Ministries” with “Hurricane Sandy Relief” written in the memo line. 100% of funds will be used for Hurricane Sandy relief efforts through M25. Personal Care Products: Antibacterial soap, hand sanitizer, toothpaste, toothbrushes, shampoo, body wash, deodorant, lotion etc. Cleaning supplies: Laundry detergents, general cleaner, sponges, bleach (powdered form is preferred), mops, scrub brushes, buckets, rubber gloves etc. Paper products: Toilet paper, paper towels etc. Baby and infant supplies: Diapers, wipes, diaper rash ointment, baby wash, baby shampoo, baby lotion etc. First-Aid items: Bandages, gauze, pads, first aid tape, antiseptic creams, hydrogen peroxide, alcohol, latex gloves, instant cold packs etc. Please visit their website for additional information or to learn about how to drop off donations to Matthew 25: Ministries.

Kira Hinkle

11/09/2012 - Cincinnati, OH

The Lower and Upper Elementary students at Newton Montessori School in Newton, MA, will be holding a fundraiser next week to benefit those affected by Hurricane Sandy. We'd like to connect with a Montessori school that could put whatever funds we raise to good use. Please contact me via email if you have any information about a school in need. Thanks!

Caitlin Bowring

11/08/2012 - Newton, MA

Hi, I am Montessori teacher and member of AMS. I want offer my services if you need help. Don't hesitate in contact me. God bless you.

Rosanna Abreu

11/07/2012 - River Edge, Bergen, NJ

Cedar Tree Montessori Elementary School would like to provide a small amount of aid to a like school affected by Hurricane Sandy. We are a 1st-6th in a small city, and have about 50 students.

Barbara Boothby-Montessori Mom

11/07/2012 - Bellingham, Washington

Re: Hurricane Sandy, our 3-6 students have made a list of materials that they would most miss if their classroom was destroyed. We would like to try to send some of these to schools in need--in particular we were planning for Long Beach, Long Island, NY but thought we would wait to see the big picture. In addition, we are offering to duplicate some of our printables for classrooms that have had those hard-to-replace materials ruined.

Nana Sledzieski

11/06/2012 - Woodbury, CT 06798

I am the Executive Director of Montessori Day School of Brooklyn. Although our school and immediate community were spared, there are many tri-state communities devastated by Hurricane Sandy. Families lost homes, loved ones and the resources that support them. There are children in many towns who are without childcare or unable to return to school. It might be helpful to reach out to each school individually by phone to see if they have a need. I want to note that there are many Montessori teachers lending a helping hand to members of their community in need. Three of my teachers who live on Staten Island worked with courage and love in their local neighborhoods to help the elderly and homeless families. They are amazing ambassadors of our Montessori peace education and are role models in their respective classrooms. Our school is planning to adopt a local family in need. We are hopeful that our entire school community will come together and make a difference.

Leanne Alexandrini

11/06/2012 - Brooklyn, NY and New Jersey

We have been very fortunate during Hurricane Sandy and were not affected by the storm. However, we would like to help a school that has been affected. If there is a Montessori school locally in need of assistance, please let us know how we can help.

Meg Sheehan

11/06/2012 - Stony Brook/ New York

Cedar River Montessori would like to partner with a school or teacher training center affected by the hurricane to help get it back on it's feet. We can provide some support with materials.

Charis Sharp

11/06/2012 - Renton, WA

The Montessori Group Schools, along with our parents and staff, would like to donate Montessori materials and supplies to a Montessori school that has need of them after being affected by Hurricane Sandy.

Valerie West

11/06/2012 - Indian Harbour Beach, FL

Bay Montessori, located in Southern MD, would like to help a school in need of assistance due to Hurricane Sandy. Please contact Tammy to let us know how we can be of help. Our school community is willing to collect necessary items or possibly put together a small work force.

Tammy Willen

11/05/2012 - Lexington Park, MD

My extremely bright 4-year-old son is in desperate need for Montessori materials. I have been teaching for almost 11 years and Montessori is my passion. He has been kicked out of 3 traditional schools because I could not afford to put him in a Montessori school. I have decided to home school him. I have extensive knowledge on how to use these materials. Please help me. We are in financial crisis due to myself not being able to work due to him not being able to be in school. I know that Home schooling him is the answer. He has met every developmental stage months early and is really and truly gifted. Thank you.

Martha King

10/30/2012 - Avondale, Arizona

I am a the founder of a licensed four star childcare facility (an in home day care) . I recieved my diploma a year ago and because I have seen the impact that it has made by implementing a few home made items into my program. I now would love to go 100% Montessori Method with the right equipment and materials. I feel it will help those in my facility that are both mentally and physically challenged. If you have any charitable items please contact me. Thank you, Susan 704.277.5800

Susan Billings

10/25/2012 - Charlotte, North Carolina

Hello friends, I am writing on behalf of San Francisco Public Montessori School, a diverse urban public Montessori program now in its sixth year. Next year we will need to open two new lower elementary classrooms and one upper elementary class, to accommodate students currently enrolled. Due to drastic budget deficits in California, our school has been told by SF Unified that we will receive no additional funds for the purchase of materials beyond what they give us to pay teachers and keep the lights on. We are desperately trying to raise funds ourselves but are unlikely to be able to come up with the roughly $70K we need by next spring. If your school would consider us as a possible recipient of any classroom materials you have to give, we would be ever so grateful. I deeply appreciate your time and consideration, and would be so glad to speak with you further about our school and our important project of building a public Montessori option for inner city families within California's second largest district. Thank you for listening! Best wishes and kind regards, MaryStarr Hope, Chair San Francisco Public Montessori School Site Council

MaryStarr Hope

10/06/2012 - San Francisco, CA

I am on the founding board of a new public Montessori school which will open in August of 2013. We have extremely limited funding and are in need of Montessori material donations. Please learn more about our school at Thank you for reading.

Erin Feeley

09/03/2012 - San Diego, California, USA

If you can pay the shipping, we will gladly send you are gently used, complete, and some missing piece material as a donation to your Montessori educational cause. Paying for the missing piece will save you a ton of money. Email me if you want to see the photos or to make arrangements for shipping. Everything must go in the next three weeks.

Debbie Diesing

07/24/2012 - Clarendon Hills, Illinois, USA

I am a special education teacher and previously held an AMS parapro certification while working in a local school district's pilot Montessori program. I try to merge the two worlds to service my students from a more wholistic approach. I'm very interested in connecting with local Detroit Montessorians.

Lohren Carter Nzoma

07/12/2012 - Detroit, MI

We're retiring and have two classrooms of primary materials, one classroom of lower elementary and one of upper elementary materials. They need to be out of the building by the end of the month. We're particularly interested in placing the materials in a school that was impacted by the recent fires, tornados or flooding .

Dianne Remmers

07/11/2012 - Dayton, Ohio

I would like to know if anyone knows of any scholarships available for Montessori schools? Last year after 8 years of teaching I was laid off. This past year I was fortunate to have received a temporary contract which ends in June 2011. Next school year 2011-2012, I will be unemployed. We cannot imagine having to take our two kids out of school and miss out on a wonderful education the Montessori school provides during their most critical learning years. Our children would also be heartbroken to no longer get to share their day with the other children and teachers they have come to love. So please if anyone knows of any scholarships please provide the information. The school does not provide any financial assistance.

Sylvia Patino

06/19/2012 - Lake Forest, CA

I am interested in doing a teacher exchange in a foreign country. I am a Montessori kindergarten teacher in a public Montessori school in Anchorage, Alaska. Does anyone have any resources/experience to share?

Becky Harrison-Drake

04/08/2012 - Anchorage, Alaska

We are in a title one district with no industry in town, therefore, no tax dollars going towards education. We have a VERY high poverty rate in our town and many parents are unemployed and cannot pay for childcare or educational programs for their young ones. Upon arriving in town last year I began advocating for a Primary Montessori program to provide our young ones with vital academic and social stimulation they may not be receiving at home as well as grace and courtesy lessons to share with their families. We also try to provide parenting techniques and seminars free of charge. We currently have one classroom at our school with a waiting list of over 70 students. We have the classroom space and trained teachers but are in desperate need of funds to buy new materials or would love gently used materials donated so we can expand our free program within our public primary school. The entire community wants a positive change...and we know as Montessorian's it happens one child, one school, one family at a time.

Carla Moore

03/11/2012 - Barnwell, SC, USA

Creative Montessori Learning Center is a 45 year old non profit organization serving 142 low income families with children 2 1/2 to 5 years old. The school is at risk of closing if the State keeps cutting the preschool funds. Parents and teachers are working together doing fund raising activities like food sale, raffles, etc. Due to the State Budget crisis last year the teachers were not paid for 2 months but, they still came to work and kept the school open. This is a wonderful school, one of the few places in California that offers free preschool for low income families. Average income per family is the lowest in the county and one of the lowest in the State, yet we have been a State preschool demonstration project. Our children come to kindergarten confident and well prepared! Your support is welcome! Margarita Ventura. Family Services Coordinator Creative Montessori Learning Cent. 1421 Bay Rd. East Palo Alto CA 94303 Cell: (916) 410-1265

Margarita Ventura

03/08/2012 - 1421 Bay Road East Palo Alto, CA 94303

I am a newly hired curriculum coordinator for SRVS, a large non-profit caring for Adults with Disabilities and the Elderly. I am setting up 10 classrooms and implementing Montessori Curriculum into every environment. We are very excited to have an engaging and educational program for these individuals in need. I have been able to buy basics but am dividing them among the classrooms. We are operating on an extremely tight budget. I have been sourcing every thrift store in the city for Practical Life materials so I am pretty stocked in that department. Does anyone have any other materials? Thank you so much!!! Your donation can be tax deductible, too!

Astrid French

03/08/2012 - Memphis, Tn 38104

We are opening a new school. This property needs a lot of work and money is scarce. If you're donating supply we will take it with open arms.

aliuska amaran

03/07/2012 - north miami Florida

We are just beginning the Montessori program at Barnwell Primary School, a public primary school in Barnwell, SC, and we have only one Montessori class that is in its first year at the school. I am currently a kindergarten teacher and am one of two teachers from our school taking courses at Lander University in Greenwood, SC to obtain certification in Montessori education at the Primary level. Our school district is hoping to expand the Montessori program for next school year. The poor economy and the closure of several major businesses in the county have led to financial difficulties in the district. Teachers at our school have been furloughed five days for each of the last three years. Supplies have been cut, and other cuts have been made district wide. Funding/donations will determine if we get new Primary classes and how many classes we can add to our program. Our district is Barnwell School District #45, and our school is Barnwell Primary School. The school address is 734 Hagood Ave., Barnwell, SC 29812.

Dorothy (Dottie) Jackson

03/07/2012 - Barnwell, South Carolina

Hi We are under enrolled this year and therefore not purchasing any materials. Thanks for letting me know what materials might be available. We are a 14 month through 1st grade Montessori Program. Thank you Joyce Hunt Head of School

Joyce Hunt

03/07/2012 - Arlington, Tx 76012

We have a set of lowercase and a set of uppercase print sandpaper letters. They are brand new. We would like to donate them to a school in need.

E. McCrae Harrison

02/29/2012 - Wilmington, DE

We have some Montessori materials - some better than others but all usable - that we are willing to donate to a program in need. Please let me know if you are interested.

Pat Werner

10/20/2011 - New Preston, CT

hello i am interesed montessori sistem i like it very much please help me to open kids club montessory in my country georgia in tbilisi there is not like centers in our country i want open this very much i waz in ukraine i get lessons by this sistem please help us to save our children!!!! many thanks!!!!

nargiza piraeva

09/02/2011 - georgia tbilisi

A newly-established St Joseph's Montessori requires material assistance in running the school from age 2 to 12. The materials needed include coloured pencils and chalk, pens, various card board, exercise books, reading books and other relevant items.Assistance from Montessorians would be much appreciated

Joseph Anane

08/19/2011 - Accra, Ghana, West Africa

Our school board is attempting to eliminate our 4 year-old program due to budget issues (our program doesn't include 3 year-olds). We are asking for assistance in finding alternate methods for funding our little ones. Any ideas or information on available resources would be greatly appreciated. Thank you so much!!

Jenn Loven

04/11/2011 - Rockford, IL

Heritage Montesssori School (HMS),owned and operated by Cathy Szeto for 27 years, until her passing in 2008, was told on December 17, 2010 that it was to cease operation. At that time the bank accounts were closed and the money taken. On January 4 the staff and teachers came to school without any guarantees and since that time have provided uninterrupted guidance to all our children. We have no operating funds and need your help - many small donations can help keep us open! Please contact us by e-mail or 410-529-0374. Thank you for your consideration. Linda, On behalf of our entire HMS community.

Linda Molino

02/10/2011 - Baltimore, Maryland

Our school doesn´t have enough students to keep going; we are closing the school this June 2011. We are the only Montessori school in Honduras, Central America. We need information about resources, loans, scholarships to poor children so we can pay bills and at the same time educate children who really need support. We accept materials, volunteers, anything else is welcome. Thanks.

Maria C. Moncada R.

02/03/2011 - Choluteca, Honduras, Central America

On October 4th, we reopened with a capacity of 22 children of 70. So far 60% of the school has been repaired. We were not able to finish all the repairs due to overwhelming physical damages and insufficient funds. Thank you so much for your support, understanding and your big help with no conditions. Be blessed and see you at the conference in Chicago.(Note from AMS: Sabrina Vitiello Izaquirre is head of our member school in Haiti, La Casa Dei Bambini Montessori, which suffered devastating damage in the January 2010 earthquake. Many of our Montessori colleagues reached out to her with support.)

Sabrina V. Izaguirre

01/31/2011 - Port-au-Prince, Haiti

Our primary students were asked to give what they could for the families at Sabrina's school in Haiti. Each 3-6 classroom ran a drive for 3 weeks, "Pennies for Haiti." The children generously brought in change from their own piggy banks and contributed to the cause. We are proud of young Montessorians who gave so selflessly to raise a little over $240 to donate to the school. Your children are in our thoughts Sabrina! We send our sincerest wishes for a speedy restoration of your beautiful Montessori school.

Near North Montessori School, Reena Vohra

01/21/2011 - Chicago, IL

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