Teacher Education Action Commission (TEAC)

The Teacher Education Action Commission (TEAC) is the leadership body of the Teacher Education Section (TES), charged with granting AMS affiliation to eligible teacher education programs.

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Among its responsibilities, TEAC provides leadership in responding to new issues and initiatives coming from TES, the AMS Board of Directors, and the Montessori Accreditation Council for Teacher Education (MACTE). In addition, TEAC facilitates the dialogue and communication among AMS teacher educators and strategizes for the future. In collaboration with TES, TEAC facilitates professional development opportunities for TES. TEAC creates and advocates standards that ensure and enhance quality in AMS-affiliated Montessori teacher education programs. The Commission is responsible for affiliation decisions.

Elected Representatives

TEAC has 8 course-level representatives. These representatives are elected by the Teacher Education Action Commission (TEAC). At least 2 elected representatives hold Infant & Toddler credentials; 2 hold Early Childhood credentials; 2 hold Elementary credentials; 1 holds Secondary credentials; and 1 holds Administrator credentials. In addition, advisors may be appointed for 1-year terms when the volume of affiliation decisions is anticipated to be high.

Barbara Ervin, Chair (Early Childhood credential) 
Penny HildeBrandt Cichucki (Elementary credential)
Betsy Coe, Advisor
Paloma Johnston (Elementary credential) 
Melody Patton (Infant & Toddler credential)
Lisanne Pinciotti (Administrator credential)
Barbara Amey Scholtz (Secondary I-II credential)
Susie Shelton-Dodge (Infant & Toddler credential)
Dorothy Thompson (Early Childhood credential) 

Teacher Educators Section (TES) Representatives

The members of the TES Executive Committee serve as TEAC representatives.

Mary Schneider, TES Chair
Hilary Green, TES-member-at-large, TEAC Vice-Chair
Sally Black Welder, TES-member-at-large, TEAC Secretary

AMS Staff Representatives

Abbie Kelly, Director of Teacher Education Services
Doris Sommer, Senior Director of Teacher Education
Richard A. Ungerer, Executive Director

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