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Peace Retreat Workshops

All workshops at the American Montessori Society Peace Retreat take place Saturday, October 8. There will be separate discussion groups for level-specific activities (e.g., for 3 – 6 year olds, elementary, etc.) after each workshop.

“The 8 Components of Service-Learning”

9:00 AM
Get an overview of the 8 components of service-learning: strong direct service, full engagement, diversity & social justice, education, orientation, training, reflection, and reorientation. We’ll discuss how they function and the role they play in supporting high-quality service-learning. Attention will be given to the philosophy behind these components and best practices for applying them in the classroom.

“The Nuts & Bolts of Scheduling a Service-Learning Project”

10:30 AM
This workshop will focus on the logistics of crafting a meaningful service experience with a partner agency. We will review the essential questions and conversations to have with the agency when preparing for the partnership and share tips and resources that will help ensure an effective, well-coordinated collaboration.

“Instilling the Value of Active Citizenship”

1:30 PM
Active Citizenship is the driving force—the “why”—of service-learning. It occurs when community becomes a priority in values and life choices. During this session, we'll walk through the “Active Citizen Continuum,” a developmental model that serves to articulate an individual’s orientation and place within society. You will have the opportunity to discuss ways to support your students' growth along the continuum, as well as your own.

“Now What? The Takeaways of Meaningful Service-Learning”

7:30 PM
A key component of service-learning is what happens as a result of the service provided—the “now what?” In this session we’ll discuss practical next steps and address how to apply your experiences this weekend to your work with your students.

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