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Exhibit Hall

The Exhibit Hall at the 2013 Annual Conference has been enlarged and enhanced from those of years past. More than 100 booths will feature virtually every product or service that teachers and administrators are looking for to support, furnish, or improve their school. Parents and other colleagues will also find treasures such as books and beautifully crafted toys, utensils, and furniture.

New this year is Café Maria, a casual meeting place in the Exhibit Hall where you can relax, chat with friends, or check your e-mail using complimentary Wi-Fi.

Be sure to schedule enough time during the conference to visit all of the exhibitors that have come to support our Montessori community. The Exhibit Hall is open throughout the conference, starting on Thursday afternoon.

Potential Exhibitors

Download the Exhibitor Prospectus.

Limited Space Available! In past years, the Exhibit Hall has sold out, so we strongly recommend submitting your application as soon as possible. In response to the significant demand for booth space, we have been able to increase the size of the exhibit floor at this conference; however, we still anticipate selling out. Please e-mail any questions to George Markham, conference exhibits manager, or call him at 212-358-1250 x320.

Current Exhibitors

 Exhibitor  E-mail
 Absorbent Montessori Material
 Active Play Books
 Activites for Learning, Inc.
 Alison's Montessori
 Art Work
 Azoka Company
 Bailey Routzong Capital Advisors
 Bright Horizons Family Solutions

 Bright Ideas in Learning, Inc.
 Bruins Montessori International USA, Inc.
 Center for Montessori Education|NY (CME|NY & CMTE|NY)
 Chaminade University of Honolulu MTEP
 Clocca Concepts
 Cloud 9 World Corp
 Community Playthings
 Conceptual Learning Materials, Inc.
 Dexter Educational Toys, Inc.
 Discount School Supply

 E & O Montessori
 East Baton Rouge Parish School System

 Edu Aids USA
 Educational Inspirations LLC
 Educational Records Bureau (ERB)
 Educational Sound & Images, Inc.
 Educational Video Publishing
 Elizabeth Academy
 Equal Exchange
 ETC Montessori
 Frank Leto Musical Ventures
 Gonzagarredi/The Juliana Group
 Great Extensions
 Growing Sound (A division of Children, Inc.)      growingsound@childreninc,org
 Growing Up! Hydrogarden  
 Gwenny's Love Lights
 Hands-On Equations, Borenson and Associates, Inc.
 Hope Montessori Educational Institute
 Houston Montessori Center
 Illumination Arts Publishing
 Independent School Management (ISM)
 inResonance, Inc.
 Institute for Montessori Innovation at Westminster College
 JD Grandt Piano Supply Co.
 JMP Learning Inc.
 Kid Advance Co.
 Lakeview Montessori School
 Language Works
 Lil' Reading Scientists  
 Lucky Learning Tunes LLC
 Mad About Montessori
 Magnolia Montessori Materials, LLC
 Maitri Learning
 Mandala Classroom Resources
 Metal Insect  
 Mobile Queue Technologies, Inc.
 Montessori 123
 Montessori Concepts
 Montessori Educational Institute of North America
 Montessori Images
 Montessori Made Manageable, Inc.
 Montessori Movers
 Montessori Outlet, Inc.
 Montessori Records Xpress
 Montessori Research and Development
 Montessori Services
 Montessori Teacher Ed Center San Francisco Bay Area
 Montessori Workspace
 Music Together LLC
 My Funkins Ltd.
 National Purchasing Partners
 Natural Playgrounds Company, LLC
 Naturalist in a Box-Native American Games-Bluestem Environmental Education
 Nienhuis Montessori
 Oasis Publications, Inc.
 Parent Child Press
 Piel Canella Peru Fair Trade Organization
 Princeton Center Teacher Education (PCTE)
 Pure Learning
 RenWeb School Management Software
 Resources for Reading
 Richland County School District One  
 Seton Montessori Institute
 Shelton School and Evaluation Center
 St. Catherine University
 Stella & Dot
 Strategic Solutions Group Advisors
 The Educational Resource Company
 The Materials Company of Boston LLC
 The Montessori Foundation
 The Soynut Butter Company
 Think Virtues
 Time Timer LLC
 Veronica Lane Media
 Viking Printing
 Village Montessori Training Center
 Walden University
 Waseca Biomes
 Widening Horizons
 Xavier University Montessori Teacher Ed Program
 Yearbook Life  
 Youth Opera International, Inc.


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