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Democracy as Social Empowerment in the Montessori Classroom

Sunday, March 25 10:15 AM - 11:30 AM

Presenters: Alissa Stolz, Nic Kaelin

Target Audience: Secondary I, Secondary II

This workshop will explore the achievement of social justice through democratic classrooms, wherein individual student needs are nested among the needs of others and where the adolescent’s sense of self is forged through multiple perspectives and meaningful relationships. Learn how to provide the sense of connected purpose that liberates students to reach their fullest potential.

About the Presenters

Alissa Stolz

Alissa Stolz, MEd, is an Adolescent classroom teacher and Middle School program director at Montessori Family School in Berkeley, CA, as well as a teacher educator for the Houston Montessori Center, in Houston, TX. AMS-credentialed (Secondary I–II).

Nic Kaelin

Nic Kaelin is a seventh-grade humanities teacher at the Berkeley School, in Berkeley, CA.

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