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Workshop Session 7

Sunday, March 25 10:15 AM - 11:30 AM

Presenters: Maria Flores, Karol Antrim

In this interactive workshop, explore a variety of scripts, practice your own mini-performance, and learn how to create and execute your own Readers Theater through resources for scripting, staging, rehearsing, and performing.

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Presenter: Monica Curwen

This workshop will offer a wealth of flexible ideas and strategies for daily and weekly opportunities, activities, songs, and games.

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Presenters: Alissa Stolz, Nic Kaelin

This workshop will explore the achievement of social justice through democratic classrooms, wherein individual student needs are nested among the needs of others and where the adolescent’s sense of self is forged through multiple perspectives and meaningful relationships.

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Presenter: Feland L. Meadows

Join this workshop for the results of a 2-year study of varied approaches to language instruction, including teaching longhand cursive and print by association.

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Presenter: Paul Epstein

In this panel discussion led by experienced Montessori instructional leaders, learn about systems and strategies that stimulate and support continuous teacher development.

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Presenter: Jenna Brasch

Come discuss pressing issues in Montessori—facilitated by AMS’s inaugural group of Emerging Leaders Fellows.

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Presenters: Nancy Lindeman, Duna Strachan

This workshop will cover all the aspects of building an inclusive classroom, from what to look for and how to gather data in Infant and Toddler classrooms to effective and supportive communication and coordination with families, pediatricians, and therapists.

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Presenter: John Vivolo

Join AMS’s manager of online learning to discover what’s new in learning and teaching with technology—and to get a sneak peek at some of the new online member resources being considered by AMS.

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Presenter: Martha Teien

This presentation will break parent education down into a structured monthly curriculum of topics, including language development, discipline, sex education, math, executive functioning, and more.

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Presenters: Adam Egherman, Elizabeth Maxwell

This workshop will invite Upper Elementary guides who work in the public sector to share the challenges of merging the Montessori Method with state and local requirements.

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Presenters: Nancye Blair Black, Josie Hill

Learn to establish a shared vision, navigate public requirements without compromising the Montessori Method, and implement key policies that promote long-term sustainability.

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Presenters: Joshua Shanklin, Jason Waters

This workshop will explore one school’s experiment with a student-centered innovation studio and give you practical ideas, inspiration, and a re-creatable process to use with your students.


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