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Using Words Effectively with Our Youngest Children

Saturday, March 24 4:00 PM - 5:15 PM

Presenters: Marcy Bourdo, Svetlana King

Target Audience: Infant and Toddler, Early Childhood

This workshop will help you support children in the sensitive period for language by analyzing the words you use and identifying common “teacher” phrases that do not always align with Montessori philosophy. Empower your communication with strategies that foster independence, encourage problem-solving skills, improve motivation, and develop emotional intelligence.

About the Presenters

Marcy Bourdo

Marcy Bourdo is education coordinator at Starwood Montessori School and an instructor for North Texas Montessori Institute, both in Frisco, TX. AMS-credentialed (Infant & Toddler, Early Childhood).

Svetlana King

Svetlana King is a Toddler teacher at Hope Montessori Academy and a teacher educator at Hope Montessori Educational Institute, both in St. Louis, MO. AMS-credentialed (Infant & Toddler).

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