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Parent–Infant Programs: How to Start One—and Why

Friday, March 23 8:00 AM - 9:15 AM

Presenters: Susan Tracy McDaniel, Melody Patton , Elizabeth Houghtaling

Target Audience: Infant and Toddler

If you would like to make a life-changing difference for families in just a few hours per week, this workshop is for you! You will learn what a parent-infant program is and how it can provide parents with essential child-rearing skills as they, along with a teacher, observe their children actively exploring and discovering. You will come away with concrete ideas for setting up a parent-infant program, along with copious ideas for topics for discussion with parents.

About the Presenters

Susan Tracy McDaniel

Susan Tracy McDaniel, MED, is director of Learning Together Education in Barrington, IL. As a consultant to schools and social service agencies, Susan has applied Montessori educational methods in a variety of settings, including a Chicago homeless shelter, and Native American and migrant communities. AMS-credentialed (Infant & Toddler). AMI-credentialed (Infant & Toddler).

Melody Patton

Melody Patton, MBA, is founding head of school at School in the Woods Montessori in Denver, CO, and an instructor and field consultant for the Montessori Education Center of the Rockies in Boulder, CO. AMS-credentialed (Infant & Toddler, Early Childhood).

Elizabeth Houghtaling

Elizabeth Houghtaling is a parent/infant child guide at Montessori Country School in Bainbridge Island, WA. A member of the first cohort group of AMS’s Emerging Leaders Fellowship Program, she recently developed and implemented a Montessori parent/infant program in Washington.

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