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Talking with Babies & Toddlers

Friday, March 23 4:00 PM - 5:15 PM

Presenters: Tracey J. Hall , Lynne Aiken

Target Audience: Infant and Toddler

This workshop will explore the work of both Maria Montessori and current scientists to present skills, tools, and beautiful materials that create language- and conversation-rich environments. We will discuss “serve and return,” “motherese,” sign language, reading together, moving from concrete to symbolic materials, and supporting the older toddler.

About the Presenters

Tracey J. Hall

Tracey J. Hall is a Toddler guide at Rock Prairie Montessori School, in Janesville, WI, and an instructor at Houston Montessori Center, in Houston, TX, and at the Center for Guided Montessori Studies. AMS-credentialed (Infant & Toddler).

Lynne Aiken

Lynne Aiken is an instructor, field consultant, and level coordinator at the Houston Montessori Center, in Houston, TX. She also guides an Infant environment in her home. AMS-credentialed (Infant & Toddler).

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