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Biology Updates for Teacher Educators

Friday, March 10 4:00 PM - 5:15 PM

Presenter: Priscilla Spears

Target Audience: Teacher Educators

Also of Interest to: Elementary I, Elementary II, Secondary I, Secondary II

Science, by its nature, continues to change, and teachers need the current view to keep children in sync with the greater academic world. This presentation of biology updates will include guidelines for classroom materials and explore misconceptions and important omissions in traditional materials—including the Timeline of Life—to help children move forward without having to “unlearn” outdated ideas.

About the Presenter

Priscilla Spears

Priscilla Spears, PhD, is a writer and designer of science education materials for Big Picture Science in Corvallis, OR. Her numerous books for Montessori classrooms include Plant Lessons: Introducing Children to Plant Form and Function.

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