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Past Conferences

2011 Annual Conference AttendeesSee photos, find presenters and exhibitors, and learn more about past AMS conferences. These gatherings are a great place to connect with fellow Montessorians while hearing from the brightest minds at the forefront of education.

For information about past presenters, exhibitors, and keynote speakers, please contact Jennifer Demmel.

Past Conferences


"Montessori Beyond Borders"
March 9 – 12
San Diego, CA
Program Guide


“Montessori: Principles, Values, Perspectives”
March 10 – 13
Chicago, IL
Program Guide


"Life. Liberty. Montessori!"
March 12 – 15
Philadelphia, PA
Program Guide


"Unity in Diversity"
March 27 – 30
Dallas, TX
Program Guide


"Sustaining the Light in Every Child"
March 14 – 17
Orlando, FL
Program Guide


"The Bridge to Learning for Every Child"
March 15 – 18
San Francisco, CA
Program Guide


"A Timeless Promise for Our Changing World"
March 24 – 27
Chicago, Illinois
Program Guide


“Montessori in the 21st Century”
March 25 – 28
Boston, MA


"Educating for Peace and Social Justice"
February 26 – March 1
New Orleans, LA


"Montessori Leadership for the Next 100 Years: A Capital Idea"
March 6 – 9
Washington, DC


"Montessori Education: 100 Years of Innovation & Inspiration"
March 1 – 4
New York City, NY

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