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Chair of the Teacher Educators Section

There is 1 open position for Chair of the Teacher Educators Section on the AMS 2014 Board. The term of office is 3 years.


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Voting for Chair of the Teacher Educators Section is limited to directors of teacher education programs currently affiliated by AMS.


SchneiderMary Schneider (Incumbent)
Bothell, Washington

My first term representing teacher educators and TEAC on the AMS Board was a time of rewarding progress. The examination and updating of the organizational structure of AMS assisted us in developing a more effective structure for the Teacher Educators Section. Our TES meeting is now focused on professional development while issues of standards, affiliation and new initiatives are delegated to those who meet frequently to devote the time and attention required. We also developed the first standards for Distance Education for members who wished to explore this delivery method. Future plans include continued efforts to define best practices for quality teacher education and further examination of effective uses of technology to increase access to AMS teacher education programs. Increased collaboration with the AMS School Accreditation Commission has been initiated and work with MACTE continues to receive a high level of attention. Thank you for the opportunity to serve.

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