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School Accreditation Commission Representative

There is 1 open position for SAC Representative on the AMS 2014 Board. The term of office is 1 year.


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BrainardFrank Brainard
Greensboro, North Carolina

Upon looking back on close to 50 years of teaching and heading schools, including serving as an instructor in a Montessori TEP and establishing a Montessori school in the southern Appalachian Mountains of North Carolina, I find that my top priorities remain: advancing Montessori Theory and Practice to the best of my ability and supporting the development of skilled Montessori educators. I find great satisfaction being part of the AMS School Accreditation Commission and continuing to serve on accreditation visitation teams, a joyful experience that began in 2003 and has taken me to over 40 schools and teacher education programs in the USA and Puerto Rico. Those experiences have increased my overall knowledge base with regard to Montessori education, as well as conventional educational practices, and I know they will serve me well in discussions and the decision making process as a member of the AMS Board of Trustees.

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