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Board-Nominated Slate

The Board-nominated slate is a selection of 3 individuals with varied backgrounds, who have been chosen by the AMS Board of Directors to promote diversity and ensure that the Board includes persons with expertise in needed specialties. You may not vote for the individuals, but rather for the entire slate. Specifically, you may vote to either:

  • Approve the entire slate or
  • Not to approve the entire slate.


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All AMS individual and organizational members are eligible to vote for the Board-Nominated Slate.


BowmanGary S. Bowman (3-year term)
Grass Valley, California

As the 21st century unfolds, our global community faces great challenges. At the same time, we have, potentially, unprecedented opportunity. In an increasingly complex and fast-paced world, parents are desirous of an education that will optimize their child’s inner sense of wonder, while promoting attributes of respect, compassion, peaceful resolution, collaboration, critical and creative thinking, productivity and responsibility. As a member of the AMS Board, it will be my priority to engage in critical dialogue with our greater Montessori community, both public and private, as we articulate the essence of an authentic Montessori education. With your support, and on behalf of our children, I will faithfully serve all members of our AMS team.

KordasMary Ellen Kordas (Incumbent, Treasurer; 1-year term, to complete her current tenure)
San Marcos, California

From the moment I entered my first Montessori classroom – my life was changed forever. I not only became a Montessori parent, but have collaborated with teachers, parents and children to build programs that would serve thousands of children in respectful, safe and dynamic environments. Throughout these past few years as an AMS Board member, I have seen the growth in the number of Montessori schools and training programs. With our strategic work and focus on quality, AMS has become the hub for all things Montessori. We realize the need for strong teachers as they are the heart of our society. I commit to continuing my support of teachers and schools through participation in research and public advocacy. I bring my strong work ethic to giving voice to Montessori education so that one day all children will have the educational opportunities they so richly deserve.

StevensonSandra Maria Stevenson (Family Representative; 3-year term)
Brooklyn, New York

I have the right mix of technical skills, qualities as well as an in-depth knowledge of Montessori culture, which could add value to the American Montessori Society board. As an active parent for the past seven years at my son’s school, I have learned first hand about the methodology in order to support our son in his education, and as a result of this I am a firm supporter and believer in the system and education. I am deeply committed to furthering AMS's mission in strengthening its relationship with member schools and advocating for quality Montessori education. As a person of colour, I’m particularly interested in furthering outreach to wider communities, particularly those of colour. I have witnessed first hand through our son the benefits of a Montessori education, and I would welcome the opportunity to encourage families to consider it as an option on a larger scale.

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