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Professional Directors

There are 3 open positions on the AMS 2014 Board in the category Professional Directors. The term of office is 3 years.


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BednarekKim Kelley Bednarek
Neptune Beach, Florida

My priority in serving on the American Montessori Society Board of Directors is to contribute to the work of providing leadership and inspirational advocacy in ensuring Montessori is a significant voice at the table of education debate in America.  We are collectively in the midst of an unprecedented dialogue of revolution in American education.  It is essential that Montessori principles influence this dialogue to empower a mindset of respectful student engagement, holistic best practice and innovation.  My strategic capacity and core leadership competencies support my passion for building collaborative partnerships that match vision and mission to champion positive social change.

Annette Delaney
Cincinnati, Ohio


To serve the needs and concerns of Montessori classroom teachers is a key reason that I am running for the AMS Board. Because of my passion, I dedicated 26 years to my 9-12 public Montessori classroom. Throughout those years, I gained immeasurable firsthand insight into the rapidly changing demands on the Montessori classroom teacher. With the combination of my extensive experience in the public Montessori schools, my current consultations with private Montessori schools, and my continuing work as a national and international Montessori teacher trainer, I will provide direction and vision for classroom teachers. Advocating for meaningful and relevant supports on behalf of classroom teachers in private, public, charter, magnet, and religious based schools will be among my priorities. Also, pairing these professional experiences with my personal life journey, I am uniquely prepared to assist the AMS with its goals of increased racial, cultural, and economic diversity.

Youngsoon Jun (Incumbent)
Seoul, Korea

I am a strong, visionary leader who has been a pioneer in furthering Montessori education in South Korea and beyond. I am dedicated to actively supporting the globalization of Montessori education and have been successful in implementing quality Montessori teacher education programs in Asia. I am deeply committed to working with AMS and bridging the gap that may be brought about by cultural differences. I can help the Board of Directors gain insight and a deeper understanding in working with Asians. Currently, I was invited by one of the organizations in India. I will visit them first and decided when we start to teach the teachers there. I’m sure that will help us to bring a unique set of qualities and knowledge that would greatly benefit AMS in its work. I firmly believe that my involvement as a board member will help me reach more positive and effective results.


Susan Kambrich
Glenmont, New York

I am running for the American Montessori Board because I would like to assist AMS to continue its mission: to continue to be a strong voice and support for Montessori education and principles. The American Montessori Society works with a variety of constituents, from small privately operated schools to large public schools, and everything in between. It is important to find ways to support and serve all of our members. Now more than ever, it is important to advocate for and preserve Montessori educational principles, while being mindful and aware of current educational trends and policies. Research, education and advocacy, and a resource for best practices are all ways I believe that the American Montessori Society can benefit its membership. As a Montessori educator, parent, and ardent believer that Montessori is the best method of education, I can be a strong advocate and supporter for our organization.

Beverley Alexander McGhee
Palmetto Bay, Florida

Since the 1960’s my passion has been to help parents and educators understand the depth and value of Montessori. AMS has done so much for me, my school, and my community. I feel that as a Board Member, my extensive experience in public and independent schools can benefit AMS. My husband and I founded Alexander Montessori School in 1963, I founded MTTI in 1985, and our school has hosted two National AMS conferences and one Regional AMS conference. As a Montessorian and as a Montessori parent and grandparent I have seen that Montessori education is truly a “help to life”. Now our school of nearly 600 serves “second generation” Alexander Montessori families. My goal on the AMS Board would be to reach as many children, parents and teachers as possible with the best quality Montessori education, “to help humanity” through the AMS mission, which serves global communities.

MillerDarla Ferris Miller (Incumbent)
Rancho Cucamonga, California

American Montessori Society is a powerful advocacy voice on behalf of the children of the world and the adults who care for them. I have spent my career advocating for children, and have had a special passion for infants and toddlers. I want assist the AMS board in achieving its strategic goals and I will strive to give voice to the AMS infant and toddler community. Montessori said, “At three the child is old. We must understand that after three it is late for so much.” Those of us who have been working since the 70s establishing AMS Montessori infant and toddler classrooms and teacher training programs have worked hard to assure that Montessori philosophy is central in infant and toddler program development.

Stephen Richey
Cincinnati, Ohio

Many of you know me, which makes me optimistic about my chances. For the rest of you, this is my 150 words to convince you that I am a good choice for AMS Board. I was a Montessori teacher for 20 years. For the past 20 years, I have been an attorney. I have found that the skills of a Montessori classroom teacher have prepared me well to be a trial attorney. My first priority is to work to provide Montessori education and especially early childhood education to underserved populations. To that end, I support public and charter school Montessori. As a teacher who struggled to support a family, I am committed to raising the standard of living for our teachers. In the end, it is our teachers who are the true treasure of this organization.

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