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Forum for Professional Director Candidates

New this year, we asked each of the candidates running for the professional-director positions on our board to create a short video in which they would respond to a provocative question. The questions were posed by the chair of the AMS Directorship Committee, Robyn Breiman, and inspired by our Mission Statement.

The result is a forum that we hope will help you to learn who the candidates are and how they envision serving the AMS community—even if you’ve not had the opportunity to meet them in person.

There are 3 open professional director positions and 3 head-to-head elections to fill the positions.

Election 1: Vote for MaryAnn Boyd or Anita Hanks

Question: “Please name and discuss a way you’ve experienced and appreciated AMS’ service to its membership, and how that service motivates you to seek board membership.”

Election 2: Vote for Michelle Suzanne Hammons or Lindsey Pollock

Question: “Please name and discuss one Montessori principle that is so compelling when properly articulated that it naturally advocates for Montessori.”

Election 3: Vote for Deb Cyrier or Dale D. Mogaji

Question: “Please name and discuss one resource that you believe important to accomplish the task of making Montessori a significant and enduring voice in education.”

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