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Professional Directors

This year there are 3 open professional director positions. There are 3 head-to-head elections to fill the positions. The elections are:

  • Election 1: Vote for MaryAnn Boyd or Anita Hanks
  • Election 2: Vote for Michelle Suzanne Hammons or Lindsey Pollock
  • Election 3: Vote for Deb Cyrier or Dale D. Mogaji

The term of office for each open position is 3 years.


All AMS individual and organizational members are eligible to vote for the Professional Director position.

Voting will take place January 4 – 18, 2017.

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Election 1: Vote for MaryAnn Boyd or Anita Hanks

MaryAnn BoydMaryAnn Boyd
Founder and Former CEO, The Boyd Schools, Chantilly, VA
Montessori Consultant
AMS-credentialed (Early Childhood)

As an AMS-credentialed teacher and as the founding head of a Montessori school that grew from a small beginning, I know the day-to-day challenges of meeting the needs of students, families, and staff. Through my work with AMS school accreditation and as a field consultant with AMS teacher education programs, I have been very fortunate to visit amazing Montessori schools. American Montessori Society should be open to support the needs of their members and to provide value for membership, as we all strive to adhere to best practices in Montessori education and honor the legacy of Maria Montessori. The American Montessori Society has made tremendous progress in Montessori research, public policy initiatives and general public awareness of Montessori education. I would like to keep the momentum going for the benefit of all who are engaged in Montessori education.

Voting for the AMS 2017 Board of Directors is now closed.


Anita HanksAnita Hanks
Head of School, Starwood Montessori School, Frisco, TX
MEd (Early Childhood Education), Texas Woman’s University, Denton, TX
AMS-credentialed (Early Childhood)

My cosmic task is to ensure the long-term sustainability of the Montessori philosophy by promoting clarity and understanding of Montessori’s pedagogy amongst all of our stakeholders. Our authenticity must shine through.

As a second-generation Montessori school owner and founder of the North Texas Montessori Institute (an AMS-affiliated and MACTE-accredited Early Childhood teacher education program), I have current firsthand experience with the challenges schools face. I will advance AMS initiatives while promoting diversity of thought on the board.

And as a Montessori child, guide, active Headhead of school, TEP instructor, adult learner, and Montessori parent, I understand the power of Montessori and want every child to have access to authentic Montessori environments.

AMS is the key to promoting a sustainable path for Montessori in which policymakers, licensing agencies, parents, and communities understand the value proposition of the philosophy. The next step in my journey is devoting myself to this task.

Voting for the AMS 2017 Board of Directors is now closed.


Election 2: Vote for Michelle Suzanne Hammons or Lindsey Pollock

Michelle HammonsMichelle Suzanne Hammons
Principal, Eagle Peak Montessori School, Walnut Creek, CA
MEd (Education Administration), Baylor University, Waco, TX
AMS-credentialed (Early Childhood)

Montessori education is truly the passion of my life. For the past 24 years, I have taught at and led Montessori public schools in both Texas and California. I am motivated to run for the AMS board by a belief that Montessori education should be accessible to all children regardless of socio-economic status, race, ethnicity, gender, religion, or location. I look to the AMS Board as leading the way to increase Montessori’s voice in the broader educational conversation. As a board member I see my role as taking my passion for Montessori, combined with the knowledge I gained through my public Montessori school experience, to promote and support Montessori across all sectors. Quality training programs and quality school programs are key to Montessori education’s acceptance in the larger conversation and I see the AMS Board as the venue through which we can support schools and teachers in their quest for quality.

Voting for the AMS 2017 Board of Directors is now closed.


Lindsey PollockLindsey Pollock
Principal, Garden Oaks Montessori, Houston, TX
EdD (Educational Leadership), Lamar University, Beaumont, TX
AMS-credentialed (Administrator)

As the principal of a public Montessori school, I strive to ensure that we are offering our families an authentic Montessori program that will prepare our children for their cosmic task and to be caring people of peace for our interconnected world! It will be my goal to serve YOU, the members of the American Montessori Society, by collaborating to find sustainable strategies to maintain and expand Montessori programs in order to provide even more children and families with a Montessori education. Additionally, it is my hope that together we will find ways to support teachers and administrators with continued, affordable professional development that will nurture them on their path! Thank you for thoughtful consideration. Peace.

Voting for the AMS 2017 Board of Directors is now closed.


Election 3: Vote for Deb Cyrier or Dale D. Mogaji

Deb CyrierDeb Cyrier
Principal, Marquette Primary Montessori Academy, South Bend, IN
MEd (Montessori Education), Xavier University, Cincinnati, OH
AMS-credentialed (Early Childhood & Elementary I – II)

The red rods, continent maps, timelines, metal insets, test-tube division, and grammar symbols are a part of me. My childhood Montessori teachers understood my desire and struggle to go into teaching. Three sentences changed my life: “Follow your passion. Get a degree in something you love. And then, if you want to teach, join us and get your Montessori credential.” For 15 years I’ve contributed to the Montessori community in Indiana as a teacher, administrator, teacher educator, and advocate in both private and public schools. I’m passionately committed to advancing the presence and acceptance of Montessori pedagogy within the public sector. Through education, advocacy, and leadership, it is my goal to inspire others to become committed to Dr. Montessori’s philosophy. I will never disconnect from being a student in a Montessori classroom. It grounds my educational decision making. I am—and will always be—a Montessorian.

Voting for the AMS 2017 Board of Directors is now closed.


Dale MogajiDale D. Mogaji
Principal, Northglade Montessori Magnet School, Kalamazoo, MI
MS (Educational Leadership), Saint Joseph’s University, Philadelphia, PA
AMS-credentialed (Administrator)

My career as a school leader began inadvertently. To support the success of all students I returned to graduate school in pursuit of a degree that would allow me to serve as an Education professor. However, my advisor quickly shared that school leaders have an immediate impact on the learning environment. I pursued an educational leadership degree to support teachers as they work on the educational “front line” every day. My passion is to provide teachers with training to support their learning and the academic achievement of all students. If given the opportunity to serve as a member of the AMS Board of Directors I will work collaboratively to develop and support programing that will make resources available for emerging and veteran Montessori educators to improve their professional practice and ultimately allow them to provide a high quality authentic Montessori education for all Montessori students in all Montessori school settings.

Voting for the AMS 2017 Board of Directors is now closed.

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