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Board-Nominated Slate

The Board-nominated slate is a selection of 3 individuals with varied backgrounds who have been selected by the AMS Board of Directors to promote diversity and ensure that the Board includes persons with expertise in needed specialties. You may not vote for the individuals, but rather for the entire slate. If approved, the slate candidates will serve a term of 3 years. Specifically, you may cast 1 vote to either:

  • Approve the entire slate or
  • Not to approve the entire slate.


Voting for the AMS 2017 Board of Directors is now closed.

Individual members: Every current individual member (teacher, head of school, teacher educator, adult learner, and general member) has 1 vote for the Board-Nominated Slate.

Organizational members: Every Accredited, Full, Associate, Initiate, and International member school, and every AMS-affiliated TEP, has 1 vote for the Board-Nominated Slate. Multiple votes are not allowed. Organizational members cast 1 vote on behalf of the entire organization, including satellites and/or additional levels/locations.


Gary BowmanGary Bowman (Incumbent)
Executive Director/Superintendent, California Montessori Project, Sacramento, CA
MSEd (Curriculum & Instruction), Dominican College, San Rafael, CA

Montessori education is exciting, contemporary, relevant, and inspiring. It is also radical and revolutionary, promoting exploration, discovery, and inquiry in a respectful, child-centered environment. Beyond the classroom, Montessori methodology exemplifies respect and civility to the greater learning community, including parents and neighbors. As a member of the AMS Board of Directors, I am committed to serving the greater Montessori community, providing advocacy of Montessori principles, as well as supporting Montessori educators in both the private and public sectors.

Susan KambrichSusan Kambrich (Incumbent)
Head of School, Woodland Hill Montessori School, Rensselaer, New York
MEd (Early Childhood Education), Kent State University, Kent, OH
AMS-credentialed (Elementary I – II & Administrator)

I have been honored to serve on the American Montessori Society Board of Directors this past term. I have served as Treasurer and also as a member of the Archives Committee. AMS has been working to serve its members in more ways than ever, adding webinars and videos, a new and improved Montessori Life, and through our Annual Conference. We have been taking steps to bring all Montessori organizations together to work collaboratively to bring the Montessori Method to children everywhere. This upcoming year will be especially important as we have new leadership at AMS, both board leadership and our new executive director. I look forward to working with our new executive director and board president, and serving our membership. Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions or comments about our Board of Directors or ways we can be of service to you.

Sandra StevensonSandra Marie Stevenson (Incumbent)
International Picture Editor, The New York Times, New York, NY

I would like to continue the work I've started in making parent involvement and education about Montessori a TOP priority of the AMS Board. As parents are the biggest stakeholders and influencers in their children's education, our voices are instrumental not only in making Montessori education available to all children, public and private, on a national level, but also in providing the board with invaluable ideas for achieving this goal. I would like to spend my time forging a stronger relationship between schools and AMS through outreach to schools' parents associations, social media and on-site visits whenever possible.

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