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On-Demand Webinars

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American Montessori Society webcasts are now available for you to rent and view on-demand. Each on-demand webinar provides valuable information for your classroom, home, or program—and can earn you hours of continuing professional development (CPDs) that qualify for the AMS professional development requirement. Viewable anytime, from anywhere, AMS webcasts let you fit professional development into your schedule at the time that works best for you.

$55 individual (CPD certificate for 1 person)
$200 group (CPD certificates for up to 20 persons)
All webcast rentals are valid for 30 days.

Certificates of Continuing Professional Development

Each on-demand webinar qualifies the viewer for a CPD certificate of attendance, and earns the renter or renting group 1.5 hours of AMS continuing professional development. Individual renters receive 1 CPD. Groups can receive up to 20. All CPD requests must be made within the 30-day rental period. To receive your CPD(s), send an e-mail to within the 30-day rental period. Include the name(s) of the viewer(s), the title of the webcast, the date of rental and confirmation number from Vimeo. A completed CPD will be emailed back to you within 2 business days.

Using Vimeo On Demand

Renters will be required to create a Vimeo account to rent and view an on-demand webinar. On-demand webinars will be added to the “My Library” section of your Vimeo account. Click “Rent” on a webinar page and follow the prompts to login or create an account. This login information will be required to re-watch a webcast during the rental period. Issues with Vimeo, including video playback, should be directed to Vimeo's Help Center.

You can view other AMS videos on our Vimeo Channels.

A Day in a Montessori Toddler Community

This presentation will follow a typical day in the life of a toddler in a Montessori Toddler classroom, providing a real-life view of what the environment looks like, and demonstrating how common activities can change and evolve as the child grows physically, emotionally, and intellectually.

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    A Montessori Guide to Teaching Conflict Resolution Skills to Young Children

    Thursday, November 10, 2016, 7:00 – 8:30 PM (ET)
    In this webinar you’ll learn strategies for teaching conflict resolution skills to children. The presentation will address the needs of socially diverse classrooms, and how best to craft your peace lessons for children who have not yet developed strong concepts of tolerance, respect, and acceptance.

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      A Shared Humanity: Geography Lessons That Go Beyond Borders

      Focusing on the concept of the Blue Marble, that there are no borders visible from outer space, this webinar provides a plethora of resources to help you enhance your early childhood geography lessons.

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        Building a Simple Yet Rich Birth to 3 Environment Indoors, Outdoors, and at Home

        This webinar will show you how to create a well-prepared Montessori environment with children’s stages of development in mind, whether at school or at home.

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          Building Community in the Montessori Classroom

          In this webinar, Elementary guide Adam Darlage will frame the discussion around 4 pedagogical virtues—humility, honesty, trust, and accountability—and explain how you can nurture them within your Montessori environment to foster a lasting sense of community among your students. 

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            Building Support Systems for Students with Special Needs

            This webinar will look at 2 systems of proven efficacy in supporting students with special needs: Response to Intervention—a systemic, multi-tiered, individualized approach—and student support teams.

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              Building the Self: A Toolkit for Self-Regulation

              Thursday, September 15, 2016, 7:00 PM – 8:30 PM (ET)
              In this webinar we will outline methods for preparing an environment for self-regulation, including tools for planning, goal setting, time management and behavior management. We also will describe community norms in which children co-create and collaboratively maintain the rules.

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                Building the Self: Self-Regulation, the Successor to Normalization

                Biff Maier presents recent research in self-regulation and its compatibility with Montessori’s vision of the normalized child.

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                  Children's House Extension for Geography and Science

                  Explore ways to think beyond ordinary extensions of the basic presentation of geography and science.

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                    Children's 'Misbehavior'—and How to Respond Effectively

                    Learn to recognize common goals of misbehavior and explore non-punitive techniques for redirecting that behavior.

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                      Conducting Effective Parent-Teacher Conferences

                      Learn how to prepare for and conduct regularly scheduled parent-teacher conferences. Ideas will be shared for creating opportunities for productive, open communication for all involved, and to avoid common pitfalls in communicating with parents.

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                        Connections Matter: Skills for Creating, Strengthening, & Maintaining Meaningful Interpersonal Connections

                        Learn techniques to help you and your students initiate, maintain, and strengthen connections in all areas of your lives.

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                          Cosmic Extensions for the Early Elementary Years

                          This webinar will help you take a new look at your existing Elementary I Cosmic curriculum and provide you with helpful and creative ideas for adding depth and breadth to it through the use of well-planned, well-designed, and well-executed extensions.

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                            Curricular Extensions for Science in the Early Childhood Classroom

                            Explore how to add substance and depth to your Montessori Early Childhood Science environment.  We will develop curricular extensions and address how to ground those presentations in previous Montessori work so that the spiral curriculum of Montessori continues. 

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                              Difficult Behaviors, Creative Solutions

                              Do you feel trapped by episodes of unwanted classroom behavior that repeat day after day?  Learn 3 simple Montessori-friendly steps that can be applied to any classroom management problem so that you can inspire the behavior you want from a diverse group of students.

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                                Divide & Conquer! A Math Refresher for Teachers of Elementary Students

                                This workshop will refresh your understanding of the links between concrete and abstract division of wholes, fractions, and decimals, offering precise language that more deeply connects children (and parents) with materials.

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                                  From Sensation to Abstraction: The Role of Sensorial Materials

                                  This webinar will show how, in our increasingly technologically driven culture, sensorial materials form an essential foundation for both language and math development. We will also cover the challenges of keeping the sensorial curriculum fresh, and identifying the challenges of communicating the importance of sensorial education.

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                                    Healthy Classrooms

                                    This webinar will introduce participants to the Healthy Classroom Checklist− addressing social interactions, work choices, independence, and classroom management techniques.

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                                      Helping Children Experience the Joy and Wonder of Summer

                                      Learn enticing activities for your children, from backyard and urban adventures, photography explorations, natural crafts, writing investigations, and more to keep everyone happy all summer long!

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                                        Including Children with Autism in the Montessori Classroom

                                        Learn ways in which the Montessori environment works ideally for children with autism, and offer additional strategies to use one-on-one or in small groups to help children with autism participate fully in the daily life of the classroom.

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                                          iPad Uses for Montessori Teachers

                                          Elizabeth Park will explore the usefulness of iPads at the Early Childhood and Elementary levels, including how the iPad can be used to facilitate language development and self-directed learning, both for typically developing children and those with special needs.

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                                            Language Development, Neuroscience, & Montessori

                                            Learn how to use the teachings of neuroscience to bring language alive, inspire children to choose language work in our Montessori classrooms and how to guide children to independent language expression and creativity.

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                                              Let's Make Music!

                                              Be prepared to tap your feet and sway to the beat as Frank Leto, one of Montessori’s favorite musicians, demonstrates the many benefits of music education in the classroom or home.

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                                                Lighting a Child's Inborn Sense of Wonder: Mobilizing Your School to Bring Nature Back to Children

                                                You’ll experience activities and curriculum ideas that engage students with the natural world through art, creative writing, science observation, and alternatives to traditional play concepts, all using available natural space.

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                                                  Linking Inputs & Outputs: Authentic Assessment for Authentic Montessori in the Public Sector

                                                  Jackie Cossentino and Keith Whitescarver will share an approach to documenting student outcomes and linking those outcomes to the unique nature of Montessori teaching and learning. They will reveal newly developed assessment tools and outcome measures that assist schools and teachers in “measuring what matters” in Montessori classrooms and schools.

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                                                    Literacy Instruction for Diverse Learners: Practical Applications of a Developmental Continuum

                                                    Thursday, February 25, 2016, 7:00 PM – 8:30 PM (ET)
                                                    Dr. Phinney and Dr. Ward will provide an extensive and practical literacy continuum framework that will enable you to meet the needs of the wide range of development found within any group of literacy learners, regardless of age/grade level.

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                                                      Montessori & ADD/ADHD

                                                      This webinar will present an examination of the symptoms, diagnosis, and treatment of attention deficit disorder in children from early childhood to adolescence, with a focus on children in the learning and social environments.

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                                                        Montessori & Autism

                                                        This webinar will introduce teachers and parents to ways of effectively working with children on the autism spectrum by blending the Montessori approach with ABA (Applied Behavior Analysis). 

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                                                          Montessori & STEM

                                                          Learn how to create an integrated lesson sequence using science, technology, engineering, and mathematics—the “STEM” fields. 

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                                                            Montessori Beginnings: Weekly Community Experiences for Infants and Parents

                                                            Take a look at the joys and challenges of developing a school-based Montessori community for babies and young toddlers (birth through 23 months) and their parents or caregivers.

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                                                              No More Mean Girls: Creating Positive Girl Behavior

                                                              Certified parent educator Yvonne Nass will address these so-called “mean girls” and explore causes, typical behaviors, and impact on a group, and she will provide helpful strategies for balancing out these behaviors in a positive manner.

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                                                                Nurturing Nature Inside and Outside the Early Childhood Classroom

                                                                Learn practical ways to help children connect to nature using botany and zoology materials that emphasize your local plants and animals.

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                                                                  Positive Discipline

                                                                  Chip DeLorenzo will present strategies for taking your skills to new, Montessori-friendly depths through the use of Positive Discipline, which teaches that for discipline to be effective, it must—among other things—be kind, firm, and respectful; and invite children to discover how capable they are.

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                                                                    Retaining Third-Year Students in the Early Childhood Classroom

                                                                    Join this webinar and learn how to market your the 3 years that form the complete cycle of your school’s Early Childhood program, highlighting a specific and clear, individualized curriculum with tri-annual benchmarks (as opposed to annual). 

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                                                                      School Accreditation 101

                                                                      If you are contemplating AMS accreditation for your Montessori school, or if you are just beginning the process, participation in AMS’s School Accreditation 101 will provide you with vital information about protocol, goals, and more.

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                                                                        Socratic Discourse: Preparing the Environment for Thinking, Listening, & Speaking

                                                                        In this refresher course for trained Montessori Secondary teachers who are familiar with conducting structured discussions with their students, you will be invited to examine key components needed for conducting successful Socratic discussions* with adolescents. After a review of relevant background information, the focus will turn to preparatory lessons, choosing appropriate texts, and writing and clustering questions as the “prepared environment” for discussion.

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                                                                          Starting Off the School Year for Reading Success

                                                                          Drawing from her work on classroom-based assessment in Montessori schools, Linda will provide an overview of developmental benchmarks in reading and specific ways that Montessori teachers can learn about children in relation to those benchmarks in the first 6 weeks of school.

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                                                                            Teaching Written Language to Children with Learning Differences

                                                                            This webinar will offer a learning model that has proven effective at helping children who have learning differences or are at-risk for learning differences achieve success in reading, writing, and spelling, by integrating the Montessori written language curriculum with several other multi-sensory learning approaches.

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                                                                              Technology for the Digital Immigrant

                                                                              This webinar will focus on cross-platform computer programs that can be used to improve school administration and classroom management.

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                                                                                Using Cosmic Education to Teach Peace & Social Justice

                                                                                By emphasizing our common origins with other humans, other living species, and with Earth and the universe itself, the Montessori Cosmic Education curriculum calls upon each person to help make the world more peaceful, socially just, and respectful of nature. This workshop will explore practical ways to make this understanding a part of the classroom.

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                                                                                  Water Activities Beyond Float & Sink

                                                                                  This webinar will give you a wealth of ideas for step-by-step lessons that include experiments and other activities that will pique their curiosity about the many properties of water—and set them on the road to exploration and discovery. 

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