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AMS 2014 Living Legacy: John Chattin-McNichols

John Chattin McNicholsLeave your words of congratulations for John below.

Dr. John Chattin-McNichols has been a Montessorian since 1971, when he studied with Mario Montessori in Bergamo, Italy, before going on to earn a bachelor’s degree from UCLA and a doctorate from Stanford University.

Internationally recognized as a distinguished teacher and scholar, John has been a Fulbright lecturer, teaching courses in early childhood education in the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago. He has lent his expertise to Montessori programs in countries including England, South Korea, Australia, and Brazil.

In his published research on topics as varied as computer literacy and educational reform in post-colonial Trinidad, as well as his still widely read 1992 book The Montessori Controversy, John has made an essential contribution to the intellectual legacy of Montessori education.

With his deep knowledge and gracious, accessible, witty communication style, John has been a beacon for a generation of Montessori teachers. Currently an associate professor of education as well as director of the E.M. Standing Center for Montessori Studies at Seattle University (where he has been a faculty member since 1979), John is also past chair of the university’s Department of Teaching and Learning. He is also currently a faculty member of Seton Montessori Institute's Elementary Teacher Education Program.

Along with teaching courses in child development and Montessori education, John has directed over 30 (and counting) doctoral dissertations. He founded the Montessori Education Institute of the Pacific Northwest, serving as director for 18 years, until 2004; he also assisted in the conversion of Bunche Elementary School (Fort Wayne, Indiana) to a Montessori-based magnet program.

Starting in 1986, John was co-director of the AMS Teachers Research Network, a seminar in which teachers learned how to conduct research in their own classrooms; and he served as chair of the Montessori Accreditation Council for Teacher Education (MACTE) Research Committee, 1992 – 1997.

In addition, he is an almost 30-year member of the editorial board of Montessori Life magazine.

Throughout his career, John has been a pioneer in educating the Montessori community and the education world at large about the benefits and proper limits of technology. He has received grants for designing and implementing educational software—and, in 1995, while serving as president of AMS, was the designer of the very first AMS Web site. He was a member of the Board of Directors for 8 years, and vice president for communications for 4.

John spends his “down time” with his wife Barbara, their children, and friends at the family’s cabin in the mountains, where he reconnects with nature and catches up with his reading. His homemade wine has sold for a pretty good price at past AMS auctions.

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Congratulations. Thanks for your good work in the advancement of education as well as Montessori method.

Osai Josephine

12 /11 /2015 - Nigeria

John, I went to a lecture that you put on at West Seattle Montessori years ago, when I was new to the Montessori fold. I had no idea who you were at the time, and only later was floored when I realized that I had had the privilege of listening to you speak. I see your wife at various PNMA events, and I always make a point to see hi to her. I would dearly love it if you would be available to speak at a PNMA event someday. You have SO much to offer us, and since you are right in our backyard, it would be silly of us not to learn from you as much as possible! Congratulations on this very prestigious and well-deserved honor. I am looking at your book right now as I write this, and I am using it in my practical papers that I am writing as a grad student! Thank you! Kelly Severson-Kunz

Kelly Severson-Kunz, I saw him speak in Seattle many years ago.

10 /16 /2014 - Renton, WAshington United States

Omedetougozaimasu.This means CONGRATULATION in Japanese. I am very honored to be with you in Moscow in October 2013. Looking forward to seing you again in Dallas.

Kimitoshi Matsuura, friend

12 /01 /2013 - Shizuoka,Japan

John, Congratulations. You are a fabulous choice and a true hero of mine for many of the things you have written. I look forward to your presentation at the Conference in Dallas. Peace.

Frank Brainard, long time acquaintance

10 /10 /2013 - Greensboro, NC

Well deserved nomination, Congratulations Dr. John Chattin-McNichols!

Saleha Hafiz

09 /20 /2013 - Bradenton

Congratulations on this well deserved honor! Thank you for all of the great work you have done for Montessori!

Whitney Falcon, fan:)

09 /19 /2013 - Austin, Tx USA

Wanted to adopt a Montessori type of school through your guidance and help to make better the existing school in our area.

Benjamin Tao, Fresh

06 /18 /2013 - Manipur, India

I would be happy to know him. For I have started Kampala Montessori school and i would like to link with him. He can be a very resource full person for us who are over sea(Uganda) Thank you, Lanam Kijange

Lanam Kijange, I would like to know him as great Montessorian

06 /06 /2013 - Kampala Uganda

Your book The Montessori Controversy has left an indelible mark on me as a fledgling researcher. I have been inspired into action research as a teacher through some of your sessions at the AMS conference, and am now pursuing a PhD to spread the word, and the research, on Montessori to greater populations. Congratulations on your Living Legacy award!

Natalie Danner

04 /03 /2013 - Urbana, IL

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