QRIS is Focus of New "Montessori Forward" Website

For Immediate Release

Contact: Sara Wilson, Director of School Accreditation & School Improvement
Phone: No phone calls, please.
E-mail: sara@amshq.org

American Montessori Society
116 East 16th Street, New York, NY 10003-2163

A new website called Montessori Forward has been created that has, as a focus, QRIS—the Quality Rating and Improvement Systems that most states are either developing or already have in place to evaluate the quality of early education programs. There is concern that QRIS could negatively impact the Montessori community.

The Montessori Forward website was developed by the QRIS Subcommittee of the Montessori Public Policy Committee The intent of the site is to engage Montessorians in conversation about QRIS and other topics of importance to the Montessori community.

The Montessori Public Policy Committee is an independent group that includes representatives from AMS and AMI/USA, among others. The AMS staff representative on the QRIS Subcommittee is Sara Wilson, director of school accreditation & school improvement.

Montessori Forward is hosted by Montessori Schools of Maryland (MSM) and the Association of Illinois Montessori Schools (AIMS).

To learn more about QRIS, including why it is weighted against Montessori programs, visit Montessori Forward's QRIS webpage

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